What Really Happened

  • Heather Mills: What Really Happened

    Jacques Peretti delves deep into one of the iconic stories of our time, Heather Mills' divorce from Paul McCartney, trying to separate fact from fiction

  • Michael Barrymore: What Really Happened

    Journalist Jacques Peretti visits Essex to examine what happened on the night Stuart Lubbock died in Michael Barrymore's swimming pool

  • Paul Burrell: What Really Happened

    Jacques Peretti charts the rise of Paul Burrell, the boy from Derbyshire who joined the Royal household, and his fall from grace into notoriety, cleared of theft charges but accused of perjury.

  • Dodi Al-Fayed: What Really Happened

    Journalist Jacques Peretti talks to close friends and the former PA of Dodi Al-Fayed and builds up a clearer picture of the man who ended up with Princess Diana

  • William and Harry: What Really Happened

    Jacques Peretti takes a closer look at the world of Princes William and Harry, investigating the truth behind the press headlines

  • Madonna and Mercy: What Really Happened

    In 2009, Malawi's Supreme Court of Appeal granted Madonna's adoption of Mercy James. Ahead of the verdict Jacques Peretti visited Malawi to find out why Madonna's bid to adopt Mercy polarised opinion.

  • Michael Jackson's Last Days: What Really Happened

    Jacques Perreti investigates the story behind the passing of a superstar: from the announcement of Michael Jackson's spectacular comeback concerts to his death on 25 June 2009