What Happens in Sunny Beach and Kavos...

  • Getting Paid and Getting Laid

    'Getting paid and getting laid' is the motto of the 400 odd Brits who work on Kavos. Twenty-two-year-old Daryl arrives from Nottingham knowing he's the least likely of his friends to find romance.

  • Drunk and A&E

    Alcohol is on everyone's mind in a town where heavy drinking is often encouraged, but a night of boozing leaves a builder from York facing the possibility of losing a finger.

  • Work Hard and Play Hard

    The final episode meets the British workers in Kavos, including PR girl Jenny, who is tested for STIs, hit by a car and suffers malnutrition, all within a matter of weeks

  • Drink and Drinking Games

    The series that follows young Brits on holiday as they seek hardcore hedonism on a budget returns, starting with a look at Kavos's infamous drinking culture and its consequences

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  • Girls Abroad

    This episode examines the psyche of the Kavos female, including the exotic dancers on the island and the girls who lose their minds as well as their inhibitions when they're on holiday

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  • First Timers

    This episode meet the Kavos virgins who sample everything the hedonistic party town has to offer: from nipple piercings and tattoos to super-strength cocktails and sex games on the beach

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  • What Happens in Sunny Beach... Don't Screw the Crew

    Series taking a look at the latest holiday destination for young Brits: Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. The first episode follows the antics of the workers at the resort over the summer.

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  • What Happens in Sunny Beach... Any Hole's a Goal

    This episode looks at the unique sex lives of young holiday makers as they let loose on holiday away from the constraints of life back home, including some risqué sex games

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  • What Happens in Sunny Beach... Trouble in Paradise

    Friendships are tested and blood is spilled as the relentless hedonism of Sunny Beach takes its toll on childhood friends who swap sun and sea for A and E

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