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Manchester, 1990.

Best mates Matt and Dylan are keen ravers who decide they could have even more fun - and make themselves some serious cash - by putting on their own parties too.

Before long, they're making a name for themselves as local promoters and bringing in some big crowds.

As the rave scene continues to thrive both nationally (despite the government's efforts to curtail it) and internationally, Matt and Dylan's fortunes grow and grow, and they soon find themselves being invited to huge parties in Amsterdam and Ibiza.

But their success also introduces them to the scene's darker side, and with their new power comes danger. Before they know it, they're having to deal with gangsters and criminals willing to use violence to protect their share of the market.

The film is complemented by a spot-on soundtrack that'll be a welcome nostalgia trip for anyone who was there at the time.

(2011) Cert: 15

Weekender synopsis

Two friends rise to the top of the warehouse rave scene in the nineties. But will success - and criminal competition - get the better of them?

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