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    Walter Presents: The Passenger

    The naked body of a man wearing a bull’s head is discovered at a train station, but the lead suspect appears to be suffering from acute memory loss. Coming soon to All 4.

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    Eyewitness: 'Blood Bath'

    What would you do if you witnessed a murder? Coming soon to All 4

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    Walter Presents: No Limit

    Former soldier Vincent Liberati is persuaded to work for a secret government organisation called Hydra, tackling organised crime by any means necessary, in this tough French action thriller

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    Walter Presents: The Border

    A border guard unit hunting people traffickers in the mountains is the target of a bomb attack. The only survivor sets out to find those responsible in this haunting, topical Polish thriller.

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    Walter Presents: Son of a B****

    A stickler for the rules of the game on the pitch, top football referee Juarez Gomes da Silva finds his life unravelling off it, with comic consequences, in this lively Brazilian drama

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    Walter Presents: Locked Up

    Spectacular Spanish thriller set in a women’s prison with a supercharged, fast-paced plot

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    Walter Presents: Beauty and the Baker

    An utterly compulsive, hilarious Israeli romantic comedy drama that is guaranteed to make you feel better

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    Beauty and the Baker: Clip

    Amos faces a tough decision...

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    No Limit: Trailer

    Brace yourself for this fast and furious action thriller from Luc Besson

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    Walter Presents: The Out-Laws

    A visually stunning, delicious blend of crime thriller and black comedy from Belgium featuring five sisters, one evil dead husband and two nosy life insurance salesmen. Desperate Housewives on acid.