Walter Presents

Lethal Weapon

Ruthless, violent and unforgiving German crime drama. Tarantino star Til Shweiger enforces the law.

Dangerous Liaisons

Bed-hopping neighbours in Dutch suburbia with fatal consequences…

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Three countries, three identical murders and one elite force. If you liked The Killing, you'll love this.

Extra-chilly Nordic Noir

  • Acquitted

    Tantalising thriller set in the beautiful Norwegian fjords

  • Case

    Simple case of suicide - or is something darker at play? Nordic thriller

  • Dicte

    Engaging crime drama with a loveable reporter who has a strong moral core

  • Thicker Than Water

    Shocking, dramatic family thriller - perfect for the cosy winter nights

Most Popular

  • Deutschland 83

    Britain's most-watched foreign drama. Imagine a Cold War 007.

  • Locked Up

    Yellow is the new black... Be locked in by a sexy Spanish prison thriller

  • Spin

    Topical thriller with a presidential assassination and macho appeal

  • Blue Eyes

    Chilling political thriller that's a violent House of Cards, Swedish style

The Team

Warm, fuzzy and all the feels...

  • Beauty and the Baker

    A tale as old as time. The unlikely love story guaranteed to make anyone feel better.

  • Kabul Kitchen

    Imagine Homeland, played for laughs. An energising boost with lots of French drunks.

  • The Out-Laws

    Five sisters, one evil dead husband - it's Desperate Housewives with double the hilarity

  • The Invisibles

    A charming and comedic fantasy secret race from Czech Republic to take comfort in

Sizzling, spicy and hot as hell...

  • Spin

    France is under attack. The far-right moves in, politically. A topical thriller with macho appeal.

  • Locked Up

    Yellow is the new black... Be locked in by a supercharged, sexy Spanish prison thriller.

  • Son of a B****

    Brilliant and breezy Brazillian comedy drama following the naughty fortunes of a football referee

  • Magnifica 70

    A hot and stylish drama to fulfil your desires. Breaking Bad meets Boogie Nights in 1970s Brazil.

Chills, thrills and sharp shockers...

  • The Passenger

    Hannibal Lecter eat your heart out! Intense killer thriller with a mythical twist.

  • Heartless

    Spooky, dark supernatural thriller from Denmark. This is Twilight, certificate 18.

  • Mafiosa

    The modern-day Corsican mob saga returns with two new, blood-drenched series.

  • Pure Evil

    A perverse cat-and-mouse game between a psychopathic murderer and a detective, set in Argentina

Elite Squad

Tantalisingly Taut Thrillers

  • Framed

    Framed for murder. Identity stolen. Tough day all round in this exhilarating Dutch conspiracy thriller.

  • The Hunter

    Slick, entertaining French thriller about a contract killer whose life is falling apart

  • The Border

    A haunting, topical Polish thriller with terrorist attacks, human traffickers and refugees

  • The Lens

    Sexy crime thriller from the Czech Republic - a traffic photographer is recruited into an elite crime squad


  • Match Day

    Sexy female Parisian cop is drawn in to a world of greed, sex scandals and blackmail

  • No Limit

    Brace yourself for this fast and furious action thriller from Luc Besson

  • Inspector Borowski

    Lone-wolf detective solves the most disturbing and unsettling crimes in Germany

  • Tony's Revenge

    A mobster escapes from prison after 25 years in this dark but humorous French crime drama


Coming Up

  • Valkyrien

    Nordic noir set in an illegal, hidden hospital, a surgeon is seeking a cure for his terminally ill wife

  • Locked Up

    Sexy, provocative Spanish prison drama is set to return for another series. Watch the first series now.

  • Spin

    Top-rated French political thriller is set to return for its final series. Two series available now.

  • Eyewitness

    Some things you can't unsee. Catch a clip and keep an eye out for this voyeuristic Norwegian thriller.