Walter Presents

Dizzying Political Thriller

The rave-reviewed French House of Cards returns for its new and intoxicating final series on More4

Yellow is the New Black

Hurry! Be locked in by the sexy, provocative Spanish prison drama before Series 2.

Moody Murder Mystery

Turning the whodunit upside down... Watch an award-winning and unforgettable Nordic noir

Most Popular

  • The Team

    Three countries. Three corpses. One link. Watch the full series.

  • The Swingers

    When partner-swapping in Amsterdam goes wrong... very wrong

  • Eyewitness

    Utterly compelling crime drama. Two teens witness a multiple gang murder.

  • Case

    Superb psychological thriller deep in the Icelandic capital, Reykjavik

Power & Politics

  • Spin

    France is going to the elections. A topical thriller perfect for politcoholics

  • The Team

    You liked The Killing? You'll love this Euro crime thriller.

  • Blue Eyes

    Chilling Swedish political thriller that's a more violent Borgen

  • Deutschland '83

    Super stylish coming-of-age drama framed within a Cold War thriller

Mafiosa: The Full Set

  • Series 1

    Sandra is surprised as her uncle, who rules a Corsican crime clan, has appointed her as his successor

  • Series 2

    After the arrest of her brother, Sandra's position as the head of the Paoli clan is under threat

  • Series 3

    Sandra's position at the top is threatened again by new-found love and simmering sibling rivalry

  • Series 4 & 5

    It's eight months since Jean-Michel took over the Paoli clan as the crime drama continues

The Swingers

Chilling Nordic Noir

  • Acquitted

    Tantalising thriller set in the beautiful Norwegian fjords

  • Case

    Dead ballerinas can't dance... Grim Icelandic noir

  • Eyewitness

    Intimacy interrupted by a multiple murder. Award-winning drama.

  • Thicker Than Water

    Shocking, dramatic family thriller. This is a Nordic noir with a difference.

Sassy Sexy Sizzlers

Hot & Spicy Thrillers

  • Magnifica 70

    Breaking Bad meets Boogie Nights in 1970s Brazil. Enjoy a stylish drama.

  • Locked Up

    Be floored by a supercharged, sexy Spanish prison thriller

  • The Swingers

    Fatal Attraction in Dutch Suburbia. When bed-hopping goes wrong...

  • Son of a B****

    Follow the naughty fortunes of a football referee in a comedy gem

The Team

Sinister Sharp Shockers

  • Heartless

    Spooky, dark supernatural thriller from Denmark. This is Twilight, cert 18.

  • Pure Evil

    A perverse cat-and-mouse game between a murderer and a detective

  • The Passenger

    Hannibal Lecter eat your heart out! Intense killer thriller.

  • Eyewitness

    Two teens witness a multiple murder in this shocking crime drama

All-Out Action

  • No Limit

    Brace yourself for this fast and furious action thriller from Luc Besson

  • Nick's Law

    Ruthless, violent and unforgiving German crime drama

  • Framed

    Framed for murder. Identity stolen. Tough day all round...

  • The Border

    Topical thriller with terrorist attacks, human traffickers and refugees

Drama Queens

  • Mafiosa

    She shoots! She kills... watch a modern-day Corsican mob saga

  • The Out-Laws

    Lady-killers. Desperate Housewives with double the hilarity.

  • Locked Up

    Yellow is the new black... Be locked in by a female prison drama

  • Dicte

    A loveable heroine with a strong moral core and messy private life

Elite Squad

Critically Acclaimed Drama

  • Swingers

    'There is more to Swingers than wife-swapping in the 'burbs' - The Times

  • Case

    'This grim, unrelenting Nordic case is a little different to the others' - The i paper

  • Deutschland '83

    'This pacy saga could be your new subtitled obsession.' - The Guardian

  • Spin

    'Violence, deceit and political backstabbing abound in this tense French drama' - The Telegraph

Coming Up

  • Valkyrien

    Set in an illegal hospital, a surgeon seeks a cure for his terminally ill wife

  • Locked Up

    Sexy, provocative Spanish prison drama. Watch the first series now.

  • Reborn

    A dark, addictive French story of betrayal and revenge

  • Dicte

    Sharp, engaging crime drama from Denmark. Watch series one now.