Walter Presents

Gangster's Paradise

If you like The Sopranos, you'll love this award-winning Amsterdam mob saga

Breakout Hit

'The hottest thing to come out of Spain since Enrique Iglesias' - The Sun. Binge both series now.

Dizzying Political Thriller

French House of Cards. Catch the finale, or watch the whole lot.

Most Popular

  • Locked Up

    Spain's sexy and provocative prison drama returns for a new series

  • Case

    Looking for a moody drama? Watch this grim Icelandic noir

  • Mafiosa

    Blood-drenched, modern-day mob saga. Watch all five series now.

  • Spin

    The rave-reviewed French House of Cards returns for its final series

Bank Holiday Binge

  • Reborn

    Small-time crook with a new identity rejoins his shady past.

  • Nick's Law

    Enjoy a full-tilt German crime drama in four episodes

  • Match Day

    Female Parisian cop is drawn into a world of sex scandals and blackmail

  • Lanester

    Disturbing macabre murders. Seek out a serial killer in two chilling eps.

The Swingers

French Fancies

  • Lanester

    Disturbing macabre murders. Seek out a serial killer.

  • Spin

    Top-rated French political thriller that's more relevant than ever

  • No Limit

    Brace yourself for this fast and furious action thriller

  • Reborn

    Dark, addictive French story of betrayal and revenge in four eps

Hot & Sexy Sizzlers

  • Magnifica 70

    Breaking Bad meets Boogie Nights in 1970s Brazil. Enjoy a stylish drama.

  • Locked Up

    Stronger, sexier, bloodier... Yellow is the New Black returns.

  • The Swingers

    Fatal Attraction in Dutch Suburbia. When bed-hopping goes wrong...

  • The Out-Laws

    Five sisters, one murder. Desperate Housewives with double the hilarity.

Feel Good Dramedy

Nick's Law

Chilling Nordic Noir

  • Acquitted

    Gorgeous Nordic fjords. Very ugly murder.

  • Thicker Than Water

    Shocking, dramatic family thriller. Nordic noir with a difference.

  • Blue Eyes

    Taut, Swedish thriller. A violent and frank look at political extremism.

  • Dicte

    Binge on a compelling and addictive Danish crime drama

Sinister Sharp Shockers

  • Heartless

    Spooky, dark supernatural thriller from Denmark. This is Twilight, cert 18.

  • Pure Evil

    A perverse cat-and-mouse game between a murderer and a detective

  • The Passenger

    Hannibal Lecter eat your heart out! Intense killer thriller.

  • Eyewitness

    Two teens witness a multiple murder in this shocking crime drama

All-Out Action

  • No Limit

    Binge all three series of Luc Besson's slick action thriller

  • Nick's Law

    Tarantino star Til Shweiger as a gun-slinging German cop

  • Elite Squad

    Be caught by the darker face of law enforcement...

  • The Border

    Topical thriller with terrorist attacks, human traffickers and refugees

The Team

Drama Queens

  • The Out-Laws

    Lady-killers. Desperate Housewives with double the hilarity.

  • Locked Up

    Be locked in by a sexy and provocative female prison drama

  • Dicte

    A loveable heroine with a strong moral core and messy private life

  • Black Widow

    The Dutch Olivia Colman. Watch a menacing mob thriller.

Critically Acclaimed Thrillers

  • Deutschland '83

    'This pacy saga could be your new subtitled obsession.' - The Guardian

  • Case

    'This grim, unrelenting Nordic case is a little different to the others' - The i paper

  • Magnifica 70

    'Magnifica 70 is South America's Breaking Bad' - The Guardian

  • Spin

    'Violence, deceit and political backstabbing abound in this tense French drama' - The Telegraph

Coming Up

  • Valkyrien

    Set in an illegal hospital, a surgeon seeks a cure for his terminally ill wife

  • Professor T

    Move over Poirot, there's a new Belgium detective on the block

  • Dicte

    Sharp, engaging crime drama from Denmark. Watch series one now.

  • Hotel Adlon

    It's Mr Selfridge, but stronger. The real life story of Berlin's iconic hotel.