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The Best in World Drama

A collection of the best foreign-language drama series from around the world, handpicked specially for you. Entire box sets, all completely free, when you want them. Who Is Walter?


Walter Presents

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A scruffy lone-wolf inspector. A string of disturbing crimes. Jump straight into this brooding German crime drama.


HOT this week

  • Beauty and the Baker

    He's a baker, she's a megastar. Think 'Notting Hill, with way better suntans'.

  • The Out-Laws

    This visually stunning Belgian blend of black comedy and crime thriller comes on like Desperate Housewives on acid

  • Locked Up

    Award winning Spanish thriller set in a high-security women's prison. Entire Box set available now.

  • The Border

    Captain Rebrow is the only survivor of a bomb attack on his border guard unit

Recently Added

  • Son of a B****

    A stickler for the rules on the pitch, a top Brazilian referee finds his life unravelling off it, with comic consequences

  • Dicte - Crime Reporter

    A gripping Danish crime drama based on the best-selling Danish author Elsebeth Egholm’s crime novels

  • The Invisibles

    Delightful Czech comedy thriller about a secret race called ‘The Acquarians’

  • Tony's Revenge

    Mobster Tony joins his cellmate Kenz, a small-time delinquent, when he escapes from prison.

Beauty and The Baker coming soon on All 4

Available Now

  • Kabul Kitchen S2

    Series 2 of the irreverent comedy set in Afghanistan has landed. Watch the box set now.

  • Blue Eyes

    Political intrigue, violent murders, and high level corruption, Swedish style. Catch up now.

  • Thicker Than Water

    Missed it on More4? This stunning family thriller set at the Swedish seaside is a Nordic noir with a difference

  • Heartless

    A dark, steamy supernatural thriller from Denmark. This is Twilight, certificate 18. Watch the box set now.

We Recommend

  • Spin

    Treason, intrigue and a deadly battle between spin doctors in Paris. Binge on Series 1 and 2 now.

  • Match Day

    Sexy female Parisian cop is drawn in to a world of greed, sex scandals and blackmail

  • Cenk Batu

    A sexy, moody undercover agent infiltrates dangerous criminal rings and exposes corporate corruption at the highest level.

  • Pure Evil

    A psychopathic sect leader vows to make a former policeman and expert criminologist's life a living hell

Available Now

  • The Lens

    A young cameraman is recruited to Prague’s elite crime squad after the tragic death of his father

  • 10

    Award-winning Swiss crime thriller. A high stakes poker game, a wanted criminal, a rigged room.

  • Mammon

    Six days in the life of an uncompromising journalist who uncovers evidence of financial fraud involving Norway's elite

  • Resistance

    A group of young heroes fightfor freedom from Nazi occupation and join forces to produce a newspaper

We Love

A dark, steamy supernatural thriller from Denmark. This is Twilight, certificate 18. Watch the box set now.

Most Popular

An East German soldier is taken to the West, trained as a spy and given a new identity. Watch the entire series now.

Coming Soon

  • The Neighbours

    A couple become increasingly friendly with their next door neighbours with fatal consequences

  • Mafiosa (Series 2)

    The notorious Corsican crime clan are back, with a new series on the way

  • Eyewitness

    Some things you can't unsee. Keep an eye out for this voyeuristic Norwegian thriller.

  • The Team

    Investigators from Belgium, Denmark and Germany join forces to look into a string of murders across Europe

Meet Walter

Walter has spent hundreds of hours locked in a dark room, handpicking the most compelling, explosive, funny and sexy series to bring to you on All 4.