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The Best in World Drama

A collection of the best foreign-language drama series from around the world, handpicked specially for you. Entire box sets, all completely free, when you want them. Who Is Walter?


Walter Presents


Topical Polish thriller in which a border guard captain hunts the killers of his comrades


HOT this week

  • Locked Up

    Award winning Spanish thriller set in a high-security women's prison. Entire Box set available now.

  • Magnifica 70

    Mesmerising, flamboyant and stylish Brazilian thriller that's all about desire and denial

  • Mafiosa

    When Sandra Paoli succeeds her uncle as ruler of a crime clan, there's an angry backlash

  • Heartless

    A dark, steamy supernatural thriller from Denmark. This is Twilight, certificate 18. Watch the box set now.

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Recently Added

  • Son of a B****

    A stickler for the rules on the pitch, a top Brazilian referee finds his life unravelling off it, with comic consequences

  • Dicte - Crime Reporter

    A gripping Danish crime drama based on the best-selling Danish author Elsebeth Egholm’s crime novels

  • The Invisibles

    Delightful Czech comedy thriller about a secret race called ‘The Acquarians’

  • Tony's Revenge

    Mobster Tony joins his cellmate Kenz, a small-time delinquent, when he escapes from prison.

Available Now

  • Kabul Kitchen S2

    Series 2 of the irreverent comedy set in Afghanistan has landed. Watch the box set now.

  • Blue Eyes

    Political intrigue, violent murders, and high level corruption, Swedish style. Catch up now.

  • Thicker Than Water

    Missed it on More4? This stunning family thriller set at the Swedish seaside is a Nordic noir with a difference

  • Heartless

    A dark, steamy supernatural thriller from Denmark. This is Twilight, certificate 18. Watch the box set now.

We Recommend

  • Spin

    Treason, intrigue and a deadly battle between spin doctors in Paris. Binge on Series 1 and 2 now.

  • Match Day

    Sexy female Parisian cop is drawn in to a world of greed, sex scandals and blackmail

  • Cenk Batu

    A sexy, moody undercover agent infiltrates dangerous criminal rings and exposes corporate corruption at the highest level.

  • Pure Evil

    A psychopathic sect leader vows to make a former policeman and expert criminologist's life a living hell

Available Now

  • The Lens

    A young cameraman is recruited to Prague’s elite crime squad after the tragic death of his father

  • 10

    Award-winning Swiss crime thriller. A high stakes poker game, a wanted criminal, a rigged room.

  • Mammon

    Six days in the life of an uncompromising journalist who uncovers evidence of financial fraud involving Norway's elite

  • Resistance

    A group of young heroes fightfor freedom from Nazi occupation and join forces to produce a newspaper

We Love

A dark, steamy supernatural thriller from Denmark. This is Twilight, certificate 18. Watch the box set now.

Most Popular

An East German soldier is taken to the West, trained as a spy and given a new identity. Watch the entire series now.

Coming Soon

  • The Out-Laws

    Smash hit Belgian black comedy about five sisters. Desperate Housewives on acid.

  • The Hunter

    Gloriously seductive French crime drama exploring the destructive nature of a mother and son relationship

  • The Neighbours

    A couple become increasingly friendly with their next door neighbours with fatal consequences

  • The Team

    Investigators from Belgium, Denmark and Germany join forces to look into a string of murders across Europe

Meet Walter

Walter has spent hundreds of hours locked in a dark room, handpicking the most compelling, explosive, funny and sexy series to bring to you on All 4.