Walking the Nile

Lev and his guide Boston trek from Rwanda's rainforest, through remote, lawless regions of Tanzania, into Uganda. They dodge crocodiles and hippos, go to a wedding and get a hero's welcome in Kampala.

First shown: 4 Jan 2015 Scenes that some viewers may find upsetting This programme is subtitled


On 3 December 2013, Levison Wood took the first steps of his 4,250 mile expedition and so begin a unique exploration of the continent in the most ambitious and intimate way possible...


Over 5000km, 6 countries, 9 months and about 7 million steps later, Lev reaches the Mediterranean Sea


Thoughtful, inspiring and dramatic book recounting Lev's walk along the length of the Nile. The dangers are very real, but so is the motivation for this ex-army officer.

  • Levison

    Levison Wood is the man who walked the Nile.

  • Jamie

    Jamie Berry is the Series Producer Director

  • Neil

    Neil Bonner is the DV Director

  • Didi

    Didi Hand - Researcher

Walking with Purpose

Lev is using the coverage that his epic journey attracts to benefit charities that have particular significance for him. Please read about them and give them your support.