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A beautifully shot, moving drama from Turkish director Nuri Bilge Ceylan, who also made the highly regarded Three Monkeys (2009) and Once Upon a Time in Anatolia (2011).

Mahmut (Muzaffer Ozdemir) is a successful photographer living alone in his tidy Istanbul flat. He's engaged in a half-hearted affair with a married woman, while his former wife is about to leave the country for a new life in Canada. His job bores him and he has the energy to do little more than watch television in his spare time.

But Mahmut's routines are about to be shaken when a cousin, Yusuf (Mehmet Emin Toprak), arrives from the countryside in search of work, having just lost the mundane factory job that he had enjoyed.

It's meant to be a short stay in the capital, but, as Yusuf's lack of success extends the visit, the chalk-and-cheese pair are forced to confront their attitudes to each other, as well as the emptinesses in their lives.

Adding further poignancy is the fact that Emin Toprak died in a car crash, aged 28, shortly after shooting the film.

The film won many prizes at festivals around the world, and three at Cannes, including Grand Prize of the Jury and Best Actor (the latter shared by Muzaffer Ozdemir and Mehmet Emin Toprak).

In Turkish with English subtitles.

(2002) Cert: 15

Uzak synopsis

In a wintry Istanbul, a young man and his uncle are both searching for purpose and direction in their lives

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