• Episode 8: An Abrupt Ending

    We’re sorry to report that due to unforeseen events, VintageBrett22’s investigation has come to an abrupt end. Probably best forget you ever heard about it.

  • Episode 7: A Warning

    Brett receives a stark warning...

  • Episode 6: Level Three

    Level Three of Hide ’n' Seekers is available on Brett’s blog now. Are you any good at hiding?

  • Episode 5: Level Two

    VintageBrett22 has decoded Level Two of the lost game. Can you help the princess escape?

  • Episode 4: The Mystery Deepens

    VintageBrett22's discovery takes a weird turn... Watch his video. You'll see what we mean.

  • Episode 3: Level One

    VintageBrett22 has uploaded Level One of the lost game, Hide 'n' Seekers. Be one of the first to play it...

  • Episode 2: The Mysterious Game

    VintageBrett22 has an update on the long lost video game he uncovered that was due to be released in the 80s but never made it on to the market

  • Episode 1: The Unboxing

    Blogger VintageBrett22 discovers a video game relic that was buried in the Arizona desert in the 80s...