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Veteran railroad employee Frank Barnes (Denzel Washington) has his quarrels with the young, new guy on the job, Will Colson (Chris Pine) - largely because the younger man is about to replace him.

But the two must join forces and race against time when an enormous runaway train carrying toxic chemicals heads their way.

If a terminal destination in a city wasn't bad enough, the lethal behemoth is also on the same line as another train, aboard which are 150 kids who are returning from a school trip.

When the railroad company's chairman refuses to take action for financial reasons, Frank takes it upon himself to save the day, despite the seemingly suicidal nature of the mission and the devastating consequences it's likely to have for his loved ones. Will opposes Frank's ridiculously dangerous idea, but joins him anyway.

Can the two men patch up their differences and save the day?

In addition to the nail-biting action, the score beautifully highlights the suspense, and earned the film a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Sound Editing.

Also starring Ethan Suplee, TJ Miller and Kevin Chapman.

(2010) Cert: 12

Unstoppable synopsis

Denzel Washington and Chris Pine star in this intense action thriller, the final work to be directed by the late Tony Scott

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