Unreported World


  • Seyi Rhodes

    Seyi has reported on many issues facing West Africa

  • Shaunagh Connaire

    Left a career in accountancy to become an award winning documentary maker

  • Giles Duley

    Documentary photographer covering humanitarian and conflict stories

  • Krishnan Guru-Murthy

    Krishnan presents and reports from around the world

  • Evan Williams

    Evan has reported on many issues in South-East Asia

  • Marcel Theroux

    Marcel is a Ugandan-born journalist and writer

  • Ade Adepitan

    Ade is a celebrated Paralympic medalist and reporter

  • Kiki King

    Kiki King is British-Venezuelan journalist and broadcaster

  • Mary-Ann Ochota

    Mary-Ann Ochota is an anthropologist and broadcaster

  • Ramita Navai

    Ramita has reported from Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan to name a few

  • Jenny Kleeman

    Jenny presents documentaries for Channel 4 and BBC television