Unreported World

  • South Africa: The New Apartheid

    A report from South Africa, where a huge rise in illegal immigration from Zimbabwe and other African states is behind an increase in racism and xenophobic violence.

  • West Papua: Rainforest Warriors

    A report from West Papua, one of the remotest places on earth, where a bloody conflict between government forces and locals is rarely glimpsed by the outside world.

  • India's Hidden War

    Unreported World travels deep into the Indian jungle to expose how India's aspirations for a superpower economy are resulting in an increasingly bloody civil war

  • Guatemala: City of the Dead

    A shocking examination of how areas of Guatemala City have degenerated into violent lawlessness in a battle between gangs, vigilante groups and the police.

  • Nigeria: Fire in the Delta

    A report from one of Africa's most unstable regions. It's home to one of the richest oil fields in the world, but its people are living in extreme poverty.

  • Lebanon: Living with Hezbollah

    As Lebanon tries to rebuild in the wake of this summer's devastating Israeli bombardment, its political future seems more uncertain than ever

  • Mexico: The Longest Journey

    A report on the harrowing 3,000km, three-month journey undertaken every year by thousands of Central American migrants who are desperate to cross from Mexico into the USA.

  • Japan: Red Sun Rising

    Unreported World travels to Japan to reveal the rise of an increasingly influential extreme right-wing nationalist movement

  • Afghanistan: Never Mind the Taliban

    Five years after the fall of the Taliban, Unreported World finds that western intervention has produced a mafia-style state in northern Afghanistan

  • Somalia: Hearts, Minds and Holy War

    Militants known as the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC) have seized Mogadishu and are extending their power through force and religion. First shown in 2006.

  • Haiti: Showdown in Sun City

    A shocking report from Haiti, where the Unreported World team is given exclusive access to accompany UN troops as they face a daily battle with the heavily armed local gangs. From 2007.

  • Zambia and Congo: China's African Takeover

    The demand for Chinese-made goods such as mobile phones, MP3 players and laptops in central Africa has spawned a huge growth in international trade, at a terrible human cost. From 2007.

  • Ivory Coast: Blood and Chocolate

    Blood diamonds may get all the media attention, but there's a far cheaper commodity, bought by millions of Britons every week, fuelling a violent conflict in west Africa: chocolate. From 2007.

  • Bolivia: Anarchy in the Andes

    A report from 2007 on Bolivia's indigenous people exercising political power for the first time since the Spanish conquest and the possibility of it escalating into armed ethnic conflict

  • Chongqing: Invisible City

    Chongqing in China is the fastest growing city in the world, set to become home to 20 million by 2020, but at an enormous cost to millions of workers and dispossessed farmers. From 2007.

  • Zimbabwe: Mugabe's Reign of Terror

    An undercover report from Zimbabwe revealing startling claims that the Mugabe government is using the supply of Aids drugs and food aid to gerrymander the elections. From 2007.

  • Kosovo: State of Denial

    A report from 2007 as the UN plans to grant Kosovo independence from Serbia, just eight years after a bloody ethnic conflict between its Serb and Albanian people. Can each community forget the past?

  • East Timor: Birth of a Nation

    Eight years on from its bloody split from Indonesia, East Timor is ravaged by widespread gang violence and disorder as an Australian-led UN force tries desperately to keep the peace. From 2007.

  • Israel's Wild West

    Reporter Sandra Jordan examines how Israel's government is in disarray after its failed Lebanon expedition, causing huge tensions to emerge across the West Bank. From 2007.

  • Mongolia: Ninja Nation

    Deep inside the Gobi desert, one of the most remote places on Earth, a nomadic Mongol horde known as the Ninjas are busy changing the landscape in the biggest gold rush of modern times. From 2007.

  • Guns, Votes and Money

    A shocking report from Jamaica, where 30 per cent of the population are trapped in crime-ridden slums. From 2007.

  • India: The Broken People

    Reporter Ramita Navai travels through India exposing the horrific plight of the country's 170 million Dalits, previously called 'untouchables', who are at the bottom of the caste system. From 2007.

  • South Africa: Children of the Lost Generation

    A report from 2007 about glamorous Cape Town becoming South Africa's murder capital, with a highly-addictive drug tearing the city apart

  • Guinea Bissau: Cocaine Country

    Colombian traffickers have taken advantage of one of the world's poorest countries and turned it into the main transit point for drugs into Europe. From 2007.

  • Honduras: War on Children

    Honduras is one of the most dangerous countries to grow up in. This report from 2007 looks at shocking allegations that death squads are 'cleaning up' its streets by executing homeless children.

  • China's Olympic Lie

    When it won the Olympic bid, China promised to improve its human rights record. But, as this 2007 report from one of Beijing's 'black jails' reveals, things got worse.

  • Iraq: The Battle for Oil

    A 2007 report from northern Iraq, where Kurds were quietly consolidating their hold on 40% of Iraq's oil reserves and sectarian violence was fuelling a break-up of the country

  • Colombia: Cocaine City

    A 2007 report from one of the world's strangest, wildest cities: Buenaventura in Colombia, where violent death has become an everyday fact, under a cocktail of the drugs trade and extreme politics

  • Sri Lanka: Killing for Peace

    A 2007 report from Sri Lanka as a new chapter opens in the country's 30-year civil war

  • Central Africa: Genocide's Children

    Unreported World travels to central Africa's Great Lakes region to reveal that extremist Hutu groups behind the murder of a million people in Rwanda hold bloody control over a large area. From 2007.

  • Egypt's Rubbish People

    A startling film exposing a dark side to Egypt: that of a secretive society of 40,000 people literally living in rubbish in a Cairo ghetto

  • USA - The Devil's Highway

    The Sonora Desert in northern Mexico, one of the most hostile places on earth, is where thousands of migrants die a lonely death as they try to reach the USA

  • Nicaragua

    In 2006 Nicaragua's government banned abortions in all cases. Unreported World reveals how this has led to an increase in dangerous backstreet abortions.

  • Russia: Railway of Bones

    As Vladimir Putin prepares to hand Russia's presidency to his successor, reporter Sam Kiley travels deep into the country's Arctic north to examine his legacy

  • Bangladesh: The Drowning Country

    A look at how flooding caused by climate change has made ten million people homeless in Bangladesh, one of the world's poorest and most densely populated countries

  • Sudan: Meet the Janjaweed

    This report comes from Darfur, where the team secured unprecedented access to a key Arab armed group accused of being part of the infamous Janjaweed militia

  • Gaza

    Unreported World travels across Israel, Gaza and the West Bank to discover whether Hamas's strategy is working despite Israeli assaults, a siege on Gaza and international isolation

  • Benin: Voodoo Children

    A report from the West African state on how the ancient animist belief system is trapping thousands in poverty, causing families to sell their children into slavery

  • Brazil: The Amazon's Golden Curse

    In the Brazilian Amazon rainforest, the indigenous Yanomami people are being dramatically affected by illegal gold mining, itself caused by the rising price of the precious metal.

  • Kenya's Human Time Bomb

    A disturbing report from Kenya on the exploding population problem, one of the root causes of the recent violence and a crisis that could spiral out of control

  • South Africa: Body Parts for Sale

    A horrifying investigation into 'Muti Murder' in South Africa where people are being killed for body parts

  • India: God's Own Country

    An investigation into the popular South Indian tourist destination Kerala where spirituality is big business, but many of the so called 'godmen' are open to corruption

  • Abkhazia: Valley of the Lost

    Fighting in Georgia's breakaway republic of South Ossetia grabbed the headlines, but it's clear that the bitter ethnic conflict continues in Abkhazia

  • Paraguay's Painful Harvest

    How Paraguay has become the world's biggest supplier of genetically modified soya, much of it destined to feed cattle that ends up on European plates

  • Philippines' Dirty War

    Investigating the war that's raging over control of the country's resources between a group of rich families and an impoverished band of armed rebels.

  • Venezuela: Cult of the Thugs

    A report on how some Venezuelans are turning to a mystical cult that worships the spirits of dead gangsters as they seek supernatural protection from a violent crime wave.

  • Thailand: Lessons in Terror

    Just a few hours away from tourist hotspot Phuket, ethnic cleansing is rife with Islamic extremists waging a murderous campaign against Buddhist teachers

  • Yemen: Exodus

    Unreported World reveals an unseen human catastrophe unfolding in Yemen as thousands of desperate refugees flee the chaos and carnage in the Horn of Africa

  • Mexico: Seven Days in Hell

    This report comes from Mexico where international demand for cocaine is causing brutal wars between the gangs fighting for control of trafficking routes

  • Nigeria: Child Brides, Stolen Lives

    A report on the devastating effects of child marriage and pregnancy in Nigeria, where nearly half of all girls in the country's northern states are wed by the age of 15 to much older men.

  • Congo: Forest of the Dead

    Another chance to see the shocking report from 2009 on the jungles of North East Congo, where evidence emerged that the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) had begun a new campaign of terror.

  • Cambodia: Selling the Killing Fields

    Thirty years on from the fall of the Khmer Rouge, and while Pol Pot's accomplices are on trial for war crimes, Cambodia's people are again being driven from their land. Report from 2009.

  • Turkey: Killing for Honour

    Unreported World travels to Turkey to investigate honour killings, which have now reached record levels with more than 200 girls and women killed in the past year alone.

  • Sierra Leone: Insanity of War

    A 2009 report from Sierra Leone where, ten years after one of the most brutal conflicts in recent history, thousands had been left severely traumatised.

  • Haiti: The Island That Ate Itself

    A 2009 report from Haiti, which had been hit by a major hurricane the previous year, investigating the country's reliance on international aid.

  • China/North Korea: The Great Escape

    First show in 2009. Thousands of North Korean women have been forced into prostitution or sold as brides after fleeing to China from one of the world's most repressive regimes.

  • India: Children of the Inferno

    A 2009 dispatch from north-east India, where the coal mines fuelling India's growth resulted in vast, subterranean coal fires burning out of control beneath towns and villages.

  • Afghanistan: Waiting for the Taliban

    In a report from 2009, Peter Oborne and Alex Nott travel to the Afghan capital of Kabul to find a city under siege, with suicide bombings, shootings and kidnappings on the increase.

  • Papua New Guinea: Bush Knives and Black Magic

    In this edition from 2009, Ramita Navai reports from Papa New Guinea, where 50 women accused of witchcraft had been murdered the previous year alone

  • Brazil: The Killables

    A report from 2009 from the resort of Recife in Brazil, uncovering allegations that the police are involved in death squads that are murdering thousands of 'undesirables'

  • Ingushetia: Russia's Dirty War

    This edition, from 2009, examined allegations that many innocent civilians were disappearing and being tortured and murdered by security forces in the Russian Republic of Ingushetia.

  • Philippines: Holy Warriors

    An edition from 2009 which uncovered a deepening sectarian conflict between Muslims and Christians on the southern Filipino island of Mindanao, which claimed 100,000 lives.

  • Peru: Blood and Oil

    A report from 2009 investigating how the Peruvian government's auction of vast tracts of the Amazon rainforest to global corporations caused violent clashes with indigenous people.

  • Liberia: Stolen Childhood

    An edition from 2009. After a civil war in which rape was frequently used as a weapon, Liberia's hospitals were overwhelmed with child rape victims, a quarter of them under four years old.

  • Guatemala: Riding with the Devil

    A 2009 report from Guatemala City, where bus drivers were being murdered at a rate of one every other day as part of an extortion campaign that threatened to bring the city to its knees.

  • Greece: The Unwanted

    A report from 2009 which travelled to the Greek island of Lesbos, one of the illicit crossing points for the hundreds of thousands of Afghans who were making their way into the EU

  • South Sudan: How to Fuel a Famine

    A 2009 report from Sudan, where escalating violence had claimed more lives that year than the conflict in Darfur, with a disturbing trend of women and children being directly targeted

  • Nepal: The Living Dead

    A report from 2009 on the plight of Nepal's child widows, some of whom are as young as 13, and many of whom face abuse and servitude for the rest of their lives

  • Malaysia: Refugees for Sale

    An edition from 2009 revealing shocking evidence that Burmese refugees were being detained and then allegedly sold by Malaysian immigration officials to Thai human traffickers.

  • Israel: The Battle for Israel's Soul

    A 2009 report on how the rapid growth of Jewish 'fundamentalists' creates tension within Israeli society and endangers any negotiations on a peace deal with the Palestinians

  • End of the Elephant?

    Channel 4's foreign affairs series examines how the increased Chinese presence in East Africa has lead to a huge increase in elephant poaching.

  • Nigeria's Killing Fields

    Unreported World uncovers the truth about the convulsion of sectarian violence rapidly spiraling out of control in Nigeria

  • Pakistan's Terror Central

    Unreported World is granted rare access to the Pakistan headquarters of what the US and UN say is a front organisation for one of the world's biggest terrorist networks.

  • Tobacco's Child Workers

    Unreported World reveals that children as young as three are being illegally employed to produce tobacco in Malawi, giving them health problems. Some of them are trapped in bonded labour.

  • Inside Burma's Secret State

    Unreported World treks through the forests of the Karen region of Burma to get a rare glimpse of the devastation the Burmese army is inflicting on the Karen people

  • Iraq's Next Battlefield

    As the US prepares to leave Iraq, Unreported World finds increasing religious, ethnic and political violence threatening to spill into civil war in the most dangerous part of the country

  • Bolivia's Child Miners

    Unreported World descends deep underground into Bolivia's silver mines to find boys as young as 13 working long hours in deadly conditions amongst thick dust and poisonous gases.

  • El Salvador: The Child Assassins

    El Salvador is in the grip of its worst gang violence in a decade. Many of the gangs' hitmen are children, who kill and die with appalling frequency but accept it as part of normal life.

  • USA: Down and Out

    Unreported World meets the USA's new middle-class homeless: families struggling to hold down jobs that pay so little they're forced to live in tent cities or their cars

  • Colombia's Dying Tribes

    Unreported World investigates how Colombia's indigenous people have been targeted in a string of massacres perpetrated by guerrillas, paramilitary groups and the security forces

  • Malaria Town

    Unreported World visits the 'malaria capital of the world' in northern Uganda to investigate why this preventable and treatable disease still kills so many people in Africa

  • Afghanistan's Child Drug Addicts

    With the world's focus on the fight against the Taliban, Unreported World reveals how the Afghanistan conflict has led to a huge rise in the number of children addicted to opium and heroin.

  • Philippines: The City with Too Many People

    Unreported World visits Manila, one of the world's most crowded cities, and finds mothers sleeping four to a bed in maternity wards, and primary schools with 1000 children in each year

  • Mexico's Indian Rebellion

    Unreported World visits southeastern Mexico's mountains, where an indigenous community fighting for independence are holed up in bullet-ridden homes, surrounded by the militia

  • Zimbabwe's Blood Diamonds

    This episode examines claims that Robert Mugabe's Zanu PF party are using gems from one of the world's biggest diamond fields to entrench their hold on power by buying the army's loyalty

  • Pakistan: After the Floods

    Pakistan's floods' catastrophic consequences continue. Unreported World discovers that incompetence and alleged corruption have caused poor areas to be flooded and rich ones protected.

  • Witches on Trial

    Unreported World visits the Central African Republic, where witchcraft is used to explain every misfortune, and nearly half the prison population are convicted witches.

  • India: Love on the Run

    As more young couples reject arranged marriages in modern India, Unreported World investigates a wave of honour killings that's left hundreds dead across the country's northwest states

  • Senegal: School for Beggars

    Unreported World investigates Senegal's Islamic schools, revealing how many young boys are subjected to abuse and forced to beg on the streets. From 2010.

  • Thailand's Red Fever

    While the world's news crews have moved on, millions of ordinary people are still fighting for their political future in Thailand

  • India's Leprosy Heroes

    Unreported World meets remarkable people fighting back against leprosy in India, where millions affected by the disease are pushed to the margins of society, ostracised by their friends and families

  • Congo: The Children Who Came Back from the Dead

    Unreported World travels to Eastern Congo to witness the remarkable work of a man who liberates child soldiers who've been forced to fight in one of the world's longest-running conflicts

  • Nigeria: Sex, Lies and Black Magic

    Unreported World travels from Italy to Africa to reveal how human traffickers are using black magic to coerce and trap Nigerian women into a life of prostitution in Europe

  • Pakistan: Defenders of Karachi

    Unreported World visits Karachi, where in 2010 more civilians were killed in political, ethnic and criminal violence than died across the whole of Pakistan in terrorist attacks

  • China's Lost Sons

    Unreported World reveals an untold story behind China's economic boom: how thousands of young men with mental impairments have been kidnapped and forced to work in brick factories

  • Burundi: Boys Behind Bars

    Unreported World visits Burundi to expose the plight of hundreds of children locked up for years without trial in adult prisons, among some of the most dangerous criminals in the country

  • Mexico: Living with Hitmen

    Unreported World visits Ciudad Juarez, on Mexico's border with the United States, to experience the daily life of a journalist who's been called one of the most courageous women in Mexico

  • Inside the Battle for Ivory Coast

    Unreported World visits Abidjan, the commercial capital of the Ivory Coast in West Africa, to report on the escalating political crisis and finds a city torn apart by terrifying violence

  • Breaking Into Israel

    In Israel, Unreported World meets the migrants who are risking being shot by border guards and held ransom by people smugglers, to flee conscription, torture and conflict in East Africa

  • Indonesia's Wildlife Warriors

    Unreported World visits Indonesia, where young environmental activists are battling to save endangered species such as orang-utans and sea turtles, in the face of corruption and harassment

  • South Africa: Trouble in the Townships

    Krishnan Guru-Murthy investigates corruption, betrayal and violent protest in South Africa

  • Undercover Syria

    Ramita Navai spends two weeks undercover in some of the most dangerous parts of Syria with members of the opposition movement determined to overthrow President Assad's brutal dictatorship

  • Uganda's Miracle Babies

    Jenny Kleeman and Suemay Oram travel to Uganda to investigate hydrocephalus: a preventable yet misunderstood condition that affects a quarter of a million babies a year in Sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Nigeria's Millionaire Preachers

    Miracles, expensive cars, exorcisms and bodyguards: religion is big business in Nigeria. Seyi Rhodes and Matt Haan travel to Lagos to reveal the world of the millionaire preachers.

  • Russia: Vlad's Army

    Peter Oborne and James Jones follow the extraordinary actions of Nashi: the mass youth movement dedicated to protecting the interests of the Russian Prime Minister and Russia.

  • Going for Gold in Gaza

    Unreported World travels to Gaza to meet members of the Palestinian Paralympic team hoping to qualify for London 2012. They find athletes struggling to train in the conflict zone.

  • India's Child Savers

    Unreported World examines the dark side of India's booming economy, where thousands of children are being kidnapped into domestic slavery for the growing middle class and businesses.

  • Trinidad: Guns, Drugs and Secrets

    Seyi Rhodes and Will West reveal how drug smuggling and corruption have turned Trinidad into the Caribbean's murder capital, with gang violence leading to a murder on average every 17 hours.

  • Honduras: Diving into Danger

    Unreported World visits Honduras, where indigenous people are risking their lives diving to dangerous depths for lobsters destined for North American and European diners

  • Australia's Hidden Valley

    Unreported World investigates the effect of emergency legislation on Australia's Aboriginal population, which some critics believe has increased poverty, dependency and racism.

  • Terror in Sudan

    As George Clooney campaigns against the atrocities being committed in Sudan, Unreported World has filmed extensive documentary footage from the war zone

  • Baghdad Bomb Squad

    With unprecedented and exclusive access to the Baghdad Bomb Squad, reporter Krishnan Guru-Murthy follows a band of brave Iraqi officers trying to prevent further murderous attacks.

  • Afghanistan: Lights, Camera, Death Threats

    Cinema was outlawed in Afghanistan under the Taliban and a decade later, despite their overthrow, death threats remain a fact of life for Afghan filmmakers. Unreported World investigates.

  • Congo: Magic, Gangs & Wrestlers

    In the Democratic Republic of Congo, Seyi Rhodes and Wael Dabbous uncover allegations that many professional wrestlers are involved in gang violence and political intimidation

  • Ukraine: The Teenagers Who Live Underground

    UNICEF estimates that there may be as many as 100,000 street children in Ukraine. Marcel Theroux and Suemay Oram go underground in Kiev to meet them.

  • Cameroon

    Unreported World visits Cameroon where there are fears that the practice of eating bushmeat - including endangered gorillas and chimpanzees - could trigger a new global pandemic of viruses.

  • Libya: My Week with Gunmen

    Reporter Peter Oborne and director Richard Cookson travel to Libya and reveal a country freed from Gadaffi's dictatorship but still riven by factionalism, militias and violence

  • Honduras: The Lost Girls

    Ramita Navai and Talya Tibbon investigate the disappearance of hundreds of young Honduran women who have been enticed over the Mexican border and forced into the sex trade

  • USA: Talk Radio Nation

    Krishnan Guru-Murthy meets the American talk-radio hosts broadcasting to a country more polarised than ever before, who say journalistic neutrality is a form of bias and censorship

  • Indonesia's Tobacco Children

    Indonesia is the world's fastest growing tobacco market, with a dramatic number of child smokers. Unreported World reveals how children are harvesting and producing tobacco for the UK.

  • Dominican Republic: Baseball Dreams

    Unreported World visits the Dominican Republic, where baseball is one of the few routes out of poverty for young men. But the cost of failure at the age of 18 can be devastating.

  • The Master Chef of Mogadishu

    Unreported World meets the British Somali man who has set up a chain of restaurants in Mogadishu as one of the world's most dangerous cities tries to rebuild itself.

  • Mumbai's Party Police

    Young clubbers in Mumbai are being arrested and assaulted in a police crackdown on the city's nightlife. The film examines how East meets West and where generations clash as India changes.

  • Egypt: Sex, Mobs and Revolution

    Unreported World examines the increase in sexual assaults and harassment in Egypt, revealing claims that young men are being paid to attack women, but the new generation are fighting back

  • Russia's Radical Chic

    Unreported World meets Ksenia Sobchak, the glamorous young Russian socialite who has swapped high-profile TV stardom for a life leading political protests against President Putin

  • Burma: The Village that Took on the Generals

    After 50 years of dictatorship, Burma is re-emerging from isolation as a pariah state. But development is leading to social unrest as tensions build between big business and locals.

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    Cuba, Basketball and Betrayal

    Ade Adepitan meets some of Cuba's top basketball players and finds out why some of them are defecting when the country seems to be opening up

    This episode is subtitled25 mins
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    Saving Kenya's Street Kids

    Aidan Hartley reports from his home town in Kenya on an extraordinary project to rescue the children who live on its streets

    This episode is subtitled25 mins
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    Gaza's Property Ladder

    In war-torn Gaza, Location, Location, Location means finding an apartment in one of the highly sought-after areas that are usually not shelled or hit by missiles

    This episode is subtitled25 mins
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    Syria's Rebel Doctor

    Reporter Evan Williams meets Dr Rami Habib, the NHS doctor who is risking his life by providing frontline medical care to the victims of the worsening conflict in Syria

    This episode is subtitled25 mins
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    Hong Kong's Tiger Tutors

    Marcel Theroux meets the students in Hong Kong aiming for success in one of the most competitive exam environments in the world, and meets the millionaire tutor seen as a key to success

    This episode is subtitled25 mins
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    Bangladesh Women's Driving School

    Unreported World meets the young women in Bangladesh who are learning to be professional drivers but who face extraordinary odds, both on the dangerous roads and from social taboos

    This episode is subtitled24 mins
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    Yemen: Death Row Teenagers

    Krishnan Guru-Murthy travels to Yemen to reveal the scores of young men locked up in prisons and awaiting execution for crimes they are accused of committing while they were children

    This episode is subtitled25 mins
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    Making Brazil Beautiful

    Seyi Rhodes reports on the huge growth in cosmetic surgery in Brazil, where the pursuit of beauty means more subsidised or free surgery; does Brazil risk losing what's so special about its own people?

    Contains scenes of surgeryThis episode is subtitled25 mins
  • Afghanistan's Hunted Women

    Unreported World gains rare access to secret houses in Afghanistan sheltering women hiding from violent husbands or from families who have tried to kill them for refusing arranged marriages

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    Venezuela's Kidnap Cops

    Caracas is the kidnap capital of the world. Unreported World follows the Venezuelan police's elite Anti-Kidnap Squad as they fight the kidnap gangs with brute force and technical ingenuity.

    This episode is subtitled25 mins
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    China's Lonely Hearts

    China is predicted to have 24 million single men looking for love by 2020. Reporter Marcel Theroux meets two people who represent inequality in love in modern China.

    This episode is subtitled25 mins
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    Mexico: The Abandoned

    Ade Adepitan, Daniel Bogado and former hospital patients gain access to Mexico's psychiatric institutions to secretly film the horrific and inhumane conditions endured by thousands of men and women

    This episode is subtitled25 mins
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    India: Slumkid Reporters

    Reporter Mary-Ann Ochota and director Suzie Samant travel to Delhi to meet the remarkable children who run the only newspaper in India campaigning on the problems that street children face

    This episode is subtitled25 mins

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    Egypt's Tomb Raiders

    Unreported World investigates the shocking effects Egypt's political unrest is having on the country's tourism industry and its unique archaeological heritage

    Scenes that some viewers may find distressingThis episode is subtitled25 mins
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    The Jungle Midwife

    Reporter Seyi Rhodes meets a local midwife in the jungles of the Central African Republic saving mothers and babies in one of the most dangerous places in the world to give birth

    This episode is subtitled25 mins
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    Nepal: The Orphan Business

    Unreported World goes undercover in orphanages in Nepal, where they discover that many children have been taken from impoverished parents, and used by orphanage owners to attract donations

    This episode is subtitled24 mins
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    The World's Dirtiest River

    Indonesia is home to the planet's most polluted river and a textile industry supplying some of the world's biggest fashion brands

    25 mins
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    Dancing in the Danger Zone

    Unreported World meets the extraordinary dancers and musicians at Iraq's only music and ballet school, battling to keep their art alive against the rising tide of violence in Baghdad

    24 mins
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    Kickboxing Kids

    This powerful episode documents the lives of Thai children as young as seven who fight in the brutal sport of Muay Thai, knocking out their opponents with elbows, knees, feet and fists

    25 mins
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    Carjack City

    At least 30 vehicles are carjacked every day in South Africa. Marcel Theroux joins Andries Hlongwane, who works for a private security firm, as he chases gunmen and recovers stolen cars.

    23 mins
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    The Cursed Twins

    In a remote area of Madagascar, behaviour is controlled by taboos handed down from long-dead ancestors, which are leading to twins being abandoned and their mothers becoming outcasts

    This episode is subtitled24 mins
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    Neighbours at War

    Krishnan Guru-Murthy presents an episode filmed on both sides of the lines in Lebanon, as Sunni Muslim fighters besiege an Alawite neighbourhood in a conflict mirroring the one in Syria

    This episode is subtitled23 mins
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    Jamaica's Underground Gays

    Ade Adepitan investigates the growth of homophobic attacks in Jamaica and meets a gay and transgender group who've ended up living in a storm drain and suffer shocking violence and attacks

    This episode is subtitled24 mins
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    Africa's Drugs Scandal

    Krishnan Guru-Murthy visits Senegal to reveal how cancer patients across Africa are being deprived of pain-relieving drug morphine, although governments have the funds to purchase supplies

    This episode is subtitled25 mins
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    Surviving Ebola

    Unreported World provides a unique view of what life is like for the health workers battling Ebola in Sierra Leone and the families affected by the virus

    This episode is subtitled25 mins

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    Vietnam's Dog-Snatchers

    Unreported World investigates how dog thieves are stealing thousands of pet dogs from family homes in Vietnam to meet the demand for dog meat

    This episode is subtitled25 mins

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    The Invisible People

    Unreported World visits Lebanon to reveal the plight of some of the most vulnerable refugees fleeing the war in Syria: disabled people, many of whom are children

    This episode is subtitled25 mins
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    Siberia's Next Supermodels

    Unreported World meets some of the thousands of young Russian women moving to China to become models, but finding the work and conditions a lot harder than they had expected

    This episode is subtitled24 mins

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    India's Electric Dreams

    Krishnan Guru-Murthy examines the Indian government's drive to provide electricity for every village in the country, and how it will affect the country's environment

    This episode is subtitled25 mins

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    The Kids of Murder High

    Ade Adepitan meets the inspirational head teacher in Honduras who's battling to give his pupils the best chance of survival in one of the most dangerous places on Earth

    This episode is subtitled24 mins

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    Tripoli Burning

    Libya is so dangerous most foreigners have left. Embedded in Tripoli's fire station, reporter Seyi Rhodes and director Laura Warner gained a vivid snapshot of life in a disintegrating country.

    This episode is subtitled25 mins

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    15 and Learning to Speak

    Unreported World follows the inspirational work of the sign language teachers transforming the lives of deaf children and adults in Uganda who have never been able to communicate until now

    This episode is subtitled25 mins

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    The City That Beat Isis

    A unique, devastating insight into the last days in the battle between Kurdish fighters and Isis for the Syrian town of Kobani

    This episode is subtitled25 mins

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    America's Cowboy Kids

    This action-packed, eye-opening episode visits Texas to meet the young children participating in what has been described as the world's most dangerous organised sport: bull-riding

    This episode is subtitled25 mins

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    Standing Up to Mugabe

    Unreported World meets the brave - and very funny - comics risking their security by satirising Zimbabwe's politicians online

    This episode is subtitled24 mins

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    Vaccination Wars

    Unreported World meets the health workers risking their lives to vaccinate children against polio in Pakistan, where the Taliban have issued a decree against vaccination

    This episode is subtitled24 mins

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    40 Years to Find My Family

    In Cambodia, Krishnan Guru-Murthy meets families torn apart by the Khmer Rouge genocide, who are now being reunited by reality TV

    This episode is subtitled25 mins

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    Generation Football

    Ade Adepitan investigates unscrupulous agents preying on young footballers in Cameroon who are desperate to make a career playing for teams in Europe or the Middle East

    This episode is subtitled24 mins

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    The Black Mambas: Saving the Rhino

    In South Africa, reporter Evan Williams and director Laura Warner meet the Black Mambas: the world's first all-female anti-poaching unit, who are battling to save the rhino from extinction

    This episode is subtitled25 mins

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    Miss Crimea

    In the disputed territory of Crimea, Marcel Theroux meets Tatar families worried about what Russian rule might bring and a young woman who hopes to become the first Tatar winner of Miss Crimea

    This episode is subtitled24 mins

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    China's Gay Shock Therapy

    Unreported World reveals how some Chinese hospitals use nausea-inducing drugs and electric shock therapy to 'cure' gay people, while gay rights activists are closely monitored by the police

    This episode is subtitled24 mins
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    The Fight for Sight

    In this uplifting episode, reporter Ade Adepitan meets medics in Malawi who perform 15-minute operations that allow blind people to see

    This episode is subtitled25 mins
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    The Girl Who Lost Her Face

    Reporter Giles Duley visits a remarkable clinic for victims of acid attacks in Bangladesh, and follows one young victim as she rebuilds her life, and the inspirational team helping her

    This episode is subtitled23 mins
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    Frontline Family Reunions

    Reporter Morland Sanders meets the aid workers trying to reunite children and parents who are trapped on different sides of the frontline in the brutal civil war in South Sudan

    This episode is subtitled25 mins

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  • Mafia Hunter

    Krishnan Guru-Murthy meets the television journalist in Sicily who's risking his life to expose the Mafia bosses whose tentacles still reach far into almost every aspect of life

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    Mexico's Baby Business

    Reporter Kiki King investigates Mexico's fast-growing, multi-billion-dollar surrogacy industry

    This episode is subtitled23 mins

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    30 Years a Slave

    Marcel Theroux investigates the growing national scandal in South Korea of modern-day slaves, many of whom have learning difficulties and worked for years on a remote island chain

    This episode is subtitled24 mins

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    Brazil's Child Preachers

    Child preachers in Brazil are attracting large crowds and becoming celebrities, as the country's fast-growing evangelical movement gains religious and political power

    This episode is subtitled24 mins
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    Muslim, Trans and Banned

    Marcel Theroux visits Malaysia, where the government has declared transgender people to be enemies of Islam

    This episode is subtitled24 mins
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    Find My Kid Drugs

    Thousands of families in Venezuela have been hit by severe shortages of drugs and medical equipment. Krishnan Guru-Murthy joins a family as they try to get medicine for their desperately ill daughter.

    This episode is subtitled25 mins
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    The City with No Water

    Unreported World reveals how thousands of families in Karachi are suffering from chronic water shortages because of climate change, mismanagement, corrupt officials and criminal gangs

    This episode is subtitled24 mins
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    Mission Critical: Afghanistan

    Abigail Austen has unique, extraordinary access to the battle against Isis and the Taliban in Afghanistan, where the Taliban are threatening to take everything Britain helped fight for

    This episode is subtitled24 mins
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    How to Stop a Murder

    In America's murder capital - Chicago - Seyi Rhodes meets volunteer ex-gang members who risk their lives to try to halt cycles of revenge killings, in the face of budget cuts

    This episode is subtitled25 mins
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    The Forgotten Holocaust Survivors

    Krishan Guru-Murthy reveals how tens of thousands of Holocaust survivors in Israel are spending their final days living in poverty despite billions of dollars of reparation payments

    This episode is subtitled25 mins
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    The Betrayal of Kenya's Athletes

    In four years, more than 40 Kenyan athletes have failed doping tests. Ade Adepitan visits Kenya as it faces a World Anti-Doping Agency deadline to put its house in order.

    This episode is subtitled25 mins
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    Iran's Dating Revolution

    Many young Iranians are shunning marriage and enjoying new ways to meet people, like Instagram. But it's hard to balance this modern approach to life with the older generation's traditional values.

    This episode is subtitled23 mins
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    Yemen: Britain's Unseen War

    Krishnan Guru-Murthy reveals the catastrophic effect of a Saudi-led coalition's bombing campaign in Yemen - which uses British-supplied weapons - with millions of people consequently facing starvation

    This episode is subtitled25 mins
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    India's Blind Daters

    Marcel Theroux reports from India on matchmaking schemes for people with disabilities to find husbands and wives, while also navigating the complexities of caste, religion and parents' expectations

    This episode is subtitled25 mins
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    Exiled: Europe's Gay Refugees

    Unreported World meets gay refugees who have fled to Germany from the Middle East but are still subject to violent attacks and abuse, from fellow refugees and migrants

    This episode is subtitled25 mins
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    Vietnam's Toxic Legacy

    Ade Adepitan investigates the legacy of a toxic herbicide dropped by US forces during the Vietnam War, which some doctors believe is causing health problems in a new generation of children

    This episode is subtitled24 mins
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    The Fish Bombers

    Malaysian Borneo's beautiful coral reefs face environmental disaster as local fishermen resort to drastic, destructive fishing methods in order to survive, including using explosives or sodium cyanide

    This episode is subtitled25 mins
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    The Prison from Hell

    Seyi Rhodes gains access to one of the most notorious prisons on Earth: Haiti's National Penitentiary, where 80% of inmates have been locked up without being convicted of any crime

    This episode is subtitled25 mins
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    South Africa's Skin Bleaching Scandal

    Unreported World investigates why one in three women in South Africa reportedly use potentially dangerous skin-bleaching products, in spite of strict laws

    This episode is subtitled24 mins
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    Sex for Grades

    In Mozambique, Unreported World investigates the disturbing phenomenon of teachers forcing schoolgirls to have sex with them in return for good grades, or for their deserved grades

    This episode is subtitled23 mins