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High-flying executives take extraordinary steps to ensure their companies are fighting fit by going undercover in their own businesses

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High-flying executives take extraordinary steps to ensure their companies are fighting fit by going undercover in their own businesses

Series 6 Summary

Another series of the show where execs take the temperature of their companies by going undercover.

  • Episode 1 - Moss Bros

    Brian Brick, Chief Executive of high-street clothing retailer Moss Bros, swaps his suit to go undercover to see how his cost-cutting, but profit-turning methods have impacted on frontline staff.

    In the five years since Brian became boss, he's turned the struggling retailer, that was once losing 10 million pounds a year, back into profit.

    While undercover, Brian's shocked to discover unmotivated employees, over-stretched delivery drivers, and staff so desperate to improve the look of their shop they're painting it themselves.

    After being moved by loyal workers undertaking massive commutes to hold on to their jobs, Brian's forced to question whether the staff should now be the business's main concern.

  • Episode 2 - Oxfam

    CEO Mark Goldring is the man at the top of one of Britain's best known and biggest charities. Awarded a CBE for his life's work tackling poverty, he's responsible for Oxfam's balance sheet. But with income down by £18 million in a year, Mark's worried the charity is over stretched.

    Mark goes undercover to investigate whether Oxfam is raising the maximum amount of money possible and spending it wisely. While undercover in the UK, he's surprised to discover flaws in the fundraising operation that could be costing millions, and is shocked that his British staff are fearful for their jobs.

    When he travels across the world to a frontline disaster zone, he's frustrated by the dangerous conditions his employees are working in and wrestles with how to balance the tyhpoon victims' needs, his staff's wellbeing and Oxfam's finances.

  • Episode 3 - Pets Corner

    The co-owner of nationwide retailer Pets Corner goes undercover in his own business to see if a potentially risky multi-million pound investment to grow the business is likely to succeed.

    Steve Charman is responsible for over 450 staff and a turnover in excess of £30 million. He is going undercover to investigate the company's operations before they change strategy for the future.

    As he battles to keep his identity secret, Steve investigates whether there is disorder in the shops, if sales staff are struggling, and how suppliers are paid. Confronting whether there are problems within the organisation that cannot be ignored, he questions whether his expansion plan can succeed.

  • Episode 4 - Rowlands Pharmacy

    With government funding down and competition increasing, pharmacy chain Rowlands has seen its turnover drop by £20 million. In a bid to differentiate his business from rivals and win new customers, managing director Kenny Black wants his 510 dispensaries to offer free health advice and excellent customer service.

    When Kenny goes undercover, there's a bitter pill to swallow: he discovers life-saving medicines out of stock and staff over-worked and under-appreciated.

    When a dedicated delivery driver is moved to tears by the job, Kenny's forced to consider if he has more to worry about than the bottom line.

  • Episode 5 - YMCA

    Senior director Bims Alalade investigates how a recent funding crisis is affecting the largest and oldest youth charity in the world. How have massive budget cuts of up to 80% impacted the organisation and the brand.

    Bims is worried that the YMCAs might be struggling to help youngsters in crisis. And once on the frontline, she's faced with the stark reality of sweeping cuts.

    She's appalled by facilities at breaking point, and shocked to find staff facing abuse.

    And when a young former resident of one of the housing projects breaks down in front of her it proves an unsettling experience.

  • Episode 6 - Carluccio's

    Chief Executive Simon Kossoff goes undercover as his restaurant chain Carluccio's plans to double in size in five years. He's planning to spend £50 million and is keen to expose problems that could jeopardise successful growth.

    After scrubbing dishes and being run off his feet, Simon is shocked to discover branches struggling with chaotic kitchens, inefficient systems and demotivated staff, and is forced to consider whether Carluccio's should worry more about existing employees than expansion.

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High-flying executives take extraordinary steps to ensure their companies are fighting fit by going undercover in their own businesses

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