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The American version of Undercover Boss shows high-flying executives taking extraordinary steps to ensure their companies are fighting fit by going undercover in their own businesses

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The American version of Undercover Boss shows high-flying executives taking extraordinary steps to ensure their companies are fighting fit by going undercover in their own businesses

Series 4 Summary

The fourth series of the programme in which senior American executives adopt disguises to go undercover in their own organisations to find out how well they are functioning.

  • Undercover Boss USA: Kat Cole

    Episode 1

    Kat Cole is the President of Cinnabon Incorporated, which serves sweet treats from over 900 bakeries in 40 countries around the world.

    She's the youngest boss ever to go undercover and she poses as a contestant on a fake reality show about people trying to win funding for new businesses.

    Kat has come a long way after being raised by a single mother who fed her family of three girls on 10 dollars a week.

    She seeks advice from her old boss, former Hooters CEO Coby Brooks, who went undercover in his own organisation during the first series.

    Kat has some lofty goals for Cinnabon to become a worldwide food brand, and wants to go undercover to make sure that the new products she has put in place are working before she implements her plans.

  • Undercover Boss USA: Stephen J Cloobeck

    Episode 2

    After his first journey undercover, which took place during Series 3, it's time to follow the exploits of Stephen J Cloobeck, the Chairman and CEO of hotel company Diamond Resorts International, as he becomes the first boss to go incognito in his own organisation for a second time.

    He has taken what he learned in his previous adventure to heart, giving money to his team members across the globe in their times of need.

    Now, Cloobeck's mission is to revive and rebuild a business that he has just purchased: Pacific Monarch Resorts, which has locations across the western US and Mexico. He wants to ensure that it is operating at a high enough level to become part of the Diamond Resorts family.

    In order to go undercover, he disguises himself as a former construction worker who wants to open a boutique hotel, going the extra mile by having his ears pierced to complete his new look.

  • Undercover Boss USA: Lorne Abony

    Episode 3

    Lorne Abony is the CEO and Chairman of in-store media provider Mood Media, one of the fastest growing companies in America, which delivers music, video displays and security systems to shops, gymnasiums, restaurants and hotels.

    He adopts a disguise and goes undercover as a failed nightclub owner competing for his dream job on a reality TV show.

    Lorne grew up in Canada and was an only child whose parents divorced when he was very young. His mother raised him alone in government-subsidised housing and he was determined to become successful so his children could enjoy the financial security that he never had.

    Lorne wants to go undercover to have face-to-face meetings with the employees he only knows from company documents and to learn what his staff need so they can continue making his company more successful.

  • Undercover Boss USA: Andy Wirth

    Episode 4

    Situated near Lake Tahoe, Squaw Valley is one of the largest ski resorts in the United States. CEO Andy Wirth has been busy merging Squaw Valley with newly acquired mountain resort Alpine Meadows in an attempt to make it one of the best facilities in the world.

    But, in bringing together the two businesses, Andy has been tied to his desk and lost touch with his employees out on the slopes.

    The two resorts have very different personalities - Squaw Valley is a high-profile destination for extreme skiers and snowboarders, while Alpine Meadows is quieter and family-friendly - and Andy must get them to live together in harmony.

    He dons a mullet and moustache to transform himself into a bored computer programmer on a bogus reality TV show who wants to escape his dull desk job to earn a living outdoors.

    Hoping to find out what's going on with the newly merged ski resorts, Andy soon realises that his hard-working employees have made big sacrifices to work on the mountain.

  • Undercover Boss USA

    Episode 5

    Based in Los Angeles, Fatburger is known as the 'last great hamburger stand'. It began in the 1950s as a late-night hangout for musicians and quickly grew to international success.

    Andy Wiederhorn, CEO of Fatburger, has been a lifelong entrepreneur and built his reputation on shrewd financial decision-making.

    But disaster struck for Andy and his real estate company when he brokered a deal during the financial collapse of 1998. As a result, he was convicted of violating a federal law, landing him in prison for 14 months.

    When he was released, he had to rebuild his life and struggled to stabilise his shattered career.

    During his undercover journey, Andy meets employees at Fatburger who have each endured their own paths of 'rebuilding' and, from his time spent with them, he learns to let go of the past and look to the future.

  • Undercover Boss USA: Steve Greenbaum

    Episode 6

    Steve Greenbaum is the co-founder and CEO of PostNet, a company that helps small businesses with everything they need to thrive, from printing and delivery to graphic design.

    Born in Chicago and from a poor family, Steve had a difficult childhood: his parents divorced and his father took his three brothers to Las Vegas, leaving Steve with his mother.

    He dropped out of high school but has never revealed this to his own three children for fear that they would follow the same path.

    Steve achieved unexpected success with PostNet and has never looked back on his past. However, PostNet has been hit hard by the recession because fewer people are starting small businesses.

    To find out how he can reverse this trend, Steve goes undercover in his own organisation posing as a failed motorcycle shop owner who is trying to win funding for a new company.

  • Undercover Boss USA: Jim Rogers

    Episode 7

    Jim Rogers from Billings, Montana, is the Chairman and CEO of Kampgrounds of America (KOA), which started in 1962 and is now celebrating 50 years of getting people camping.

    Jim is a lifelong boy scout who grew up in a family of scouts, and his father instilled in him a love of the great outdoors. He has made KOA the largest campground organisation in the world.

    His mission is to make sure that, in this fast-paced and stressful world, people can bring their families together and relax in the campsites that KOA offers.

    To make sure that his employees share his philosophy, Jim goes undercover in his own business disguised as an accountant who has recently been made redundant and is taking part in a bogus reality show.

    But his wife Sandy is sceptical about her husband's ability to suppress his naturally outgoing and cheerful personality while undercover.

  • Undercover Boss USA

    Episode 8

    John Wilson is the President and COO of Rollins Incorporated, the parent company of eight pest control firms including flagship brand Orkin.

    He goes undercover in the organisation posing as a contestant on a reality TV competition who is trying to win money for his own business.

    John grew up with Orkin: his father worked for the company for 37 years and he has been with them for 20 years himself.

    He loves the family values that the business stands for and has never forgotten how well the company treated his father as he got older.

    John believes that Orkin has been in business for over 100 years because of the high level of customer service the firm's employees provide.

    He hasn't been in the field for 12 years and wants to experience working alongside his employees to make sure that the company is heading for another century of keeping homes pest free.

  • Undercover Boss USA: Paul Damico

    Episode 9

    Paul Damico is President of Moe's Southwest Grill, one of the fastest growing restaurant chains in the world, which has 10,000 employees serving over 150,000 guests every day.

    Paul's work ethic and philosophies were shaped early on, not only by his father, who had two jobs, but also by one of his father's bosses, who played a vital part in making sure that Paul's younger brother was able to receive a much-needed liver transplant.

    Paul knows that if his father's company hadn't stood behind him, his brother might not be alive today.

    He wants to go undercover to make sure all the standards he values are still being met despite the rapid growth that Moe's has experienced.

    He is also looking for opportunities to aid his employees in the same way his family was helped over 20 years ago. To do this, Paul disguises himself as a failed restaurateur competing for a chance to open a new eatery.

  • Undercover Boss USA: Mitchell Modell

    Episode 10

    Mitchell Modell is the CEO of Modell's Sporting Goods, which is America's oldest family-owned company selling athletics footwear, clothing and sporting equipment.

    He goes incognito among his own workforce at some of the firm's 154 stores posing as a contestant on a fake reality TV show about people trying to win funding for new businesses.

    Mitch is a member of the fourth generation of his family to run the organisation, which was started in 1889 by his great-grandfather.

    Since he lost his brother, Michael, to cancer, he is the sole family member responsible for the company, and he is currently training his two sons to take over the business.

    He adopts a disguise to work beside the firm's shop assistants, truck drivers and warehouse staff to find out more about their professional lives, but it isn't long before one of his employees becomes suspicious about his identity.

  • Undercover Boss USA: Sara Bittorf

    Episode 11

    Sara Bittorf is the Chief Brand Officer of Boston Market, based in Denver, Colorado, which has 470 restaurants offering home-style comfort food.

    Sara is in charge of brand marketing and creating new products for the menu and has only been in her role for seven months.

    CEO George Michel is depending on her to revive the brand after several years of struggle and decline.

    Before going undercover to work alongside the employees in her own organisation, Sara disguises herself as an out-of-work diner waitress trying to win the chance to open her own restaurant by taking part in a bogus reality TV show.

  • Undercover Boss USA: Ron Lynch

    Episode 12

    Ron Lynch is the founder and President of Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery, one of the USA's fastest growing chains of sports pubs, which has over 70 franchises across the country and brings in $250m of revenue a year.

    He goes undercover in his own organisation posing as a failed business owner who is trying to win a new career by taking part in a bogus reality television show.

    Although the servers in his restaurants wear provocative costumes, Ron is keen to show the world that Tilted Kilt is founded on guiding principles of class and respect.

    He goes incognito among his own workforce to make sure that these principles are being implemented by all staff, from corporate employees to kitchen workers.

  • Undercover Boss USA: Toby Bost

    Episode 13

    Toby Bost, the CEO of O'Neill Clothing, one of the biggest action sport apparel companies in the world, goes undercover posing as a contestant on a reality TV show trying to win money to open his own surf shop.

    Growing up, Toby was always into action sports and he went into the retail business instead of following in his father's and grandfather's footsteps and becoming a doctor.

    Toby is going undercover because O'Neill is trying to open more US outlets and he wants to find out how they can do better to make sure that O'Neill is number one and their shops are successful.

  • Undercover Boss USA

    Episode 14

    Eric Casaburi, the CEO of Retro Fitness, is going undercover posing as a contestant in a reality TV competition who is trying to win money to start his own gym.

    Eric founded Retro Fitness because he wanted to offer a high-end gym experience to people at a low cost. He started offering franchises and, very quickly, Retro Fitness grew to over 90 sites.

    In order to expand the company, Eric must learn both what works in his gyms and what has been problematic. He wants to go undercover to make sure his employees reflect the same passion that he has for his brand.

Undercover Boss USA synopsis

The American version of Undercover Boss shows high-flying executives taking extraordinary steps to ensure their companies are fighting fit by going undercover in their own businesses

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