Undercover at the News of the World

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Undercover at the News of the World

For two decades, 'Fake Sheikh' Mazher Mahmood was responsible for a series of sensational undercover stings - some acclaimed, others much criticised.

His typical modus operandi was to pose as a wealthy Arab, prompting indiscretions from his celebrity victims by offering them highly paid jobs or other inducements.

This programme reveals the unauthorised inside story of how the famous undercover team at the News of the World used greed, alcohol, sex, money and fame to tempt their targets into indiscretions that made front-page news.

Targets included The Countess of Wessex, the then England manager Sven Goran Eriksson, and jockey Kieren Fallon.

The film centres on the revelations of the Fake Sheikh's loyal right-hand-man, who worked with him from 2001 to 2009.

In his appearance before the Leveson Inquiry, Mahmood insisted his investigations were all prompted by reliable tips and were in the public interest, exposing either criminality, moral wrong-doing or hypocrisy. He firmly denies charges of entrapment.

The programme reveals details of some of the most notorious News of the World stings and includes interviews with some of those who were stung, including Kieron Fallon and George Galloway MP.

Undercover at the News of the World synopsis

The unauthorised inside story of the News of the World's famous investigation unit, headed by Mazher Mahmood - the self-styled 'Fake Sheikh'

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