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Smash-hit US comedy drama. In the superficial world of high fashion, image is everything. How can an ordinary girl - a slightly plump plain Jane from Queens - possibly fit in?

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Smash-hit US comedy drama. In the superficial world of high fashion, image is everything. How can an ordinary girl - a slightly plump plain Jane from Queens - possibly fit in?

Series 4 Summary

Betty starts work as an editor at Mode but finds that her new role brings a new set of issues especially with ex-boyfriend Matt as her new boss. Elsewhere, Daniel goes his own way without Betty's help and Justin starts secondary school.

  • Betty Suarez in series four of Ugly Betty

    Episode 1 - The Butterfly Effect: Part 1

    Betty has a disastrous first day as editor of Mode. All the other editors snub her and Matt, who is now her boss, acts hostile. Claire thinks Matt still has feelings for Betty. Does he?

    Elsewhere Wilhelmina lines up a surprise for the Mode office and Justin's first day at secondary school goes badly.

  • Ugly Betty

    Episode 2 - The Butterfly Effect: Part 2

    Betty's anti-malaria photoshoot is scuppered by Daniel's neediness and Matt's scornful attitude. Can she get her team back on her side?

    Elsewhere, Daniel faces up to his issues with anger, Betty tries out a new look in the office, Amanda makes a new friend, Wilhemina discovers some home truths about Nico's boyfriend and Hilda asks Marc for advice about Justin's situation.

  • Ugly Betty

    Episode 3 - Blue on Blue

    Betty tries to get a scoop about Gucci with the help of one of Hilda's well-connected customers. Marc plots to sabotage Betty's scoop - will he succeed?

  • Ugly Betty - a man and a woman in the Mode magazine office

    Episode 4 - The Wiener, The Bun and the Boob

    Betty is overwhelmed by her increasing workload so Wilhelmina asks Marc to step in as Betty's assistant, a move which aggrieves both Betty and Marc.

    Later, there's more friction between Betty and Marc when they discover the real reason why Betty was promoted instead of him.

    Betty is humiliated when she has to dress like a hot dog for a feature on the most thankless jobs in New York. But when Marc lands himself into an embarrassing situation of his own, will Betty come to his aid?

    Meanwhile, Daniel hires a stunning new assistant and Wilhelmina and Nico reach a new understanding.

  • Ugly Betty

    Episode 5 - Plus None

    Wilhelmina is surprised to learn that she is being honoured for charitable work for Tibetan orphans. Unfortunately, she knows nothing about the charity work she is being honoured for as her accountant made it up to make Wilhelmina look good.

    Nevertheless, she hosts a charity event in aid of the orphans and Matt asks Amanda to be his plus one to the event.

    Meanwhile, Wilhelmina and Nico are visited by a detective, Daniel discovers some information about his family and Amanda sets Betty up with a date for Wilhelmina's party.

  • Betty and Bobby in Ugly Betty

    Episode 6 - Backseat Betty

    Betty tries to pluck up the courage to ask Hilda's rebellious high school boyfriend Bobby out on a date but she soon finds that he still hasn't got over Hilda.

    Justin is struggling to fit in at school but will he get the last laugh when he's the subject of a homecoming dance prank?

    Daniel tells Amanda about the Community of the Phoenix. Wilhelmina takes a drastic step so she can raise the funds to pay off Nico's blackmailer.

  • Ugly Betty Ep 7.1

    Episode 7 - Level (7) With Me

    Claire and Betty worry that Daniel is getting too wrapped up in the Community of the Phoenix so they try to rescue him by finding out more about the group for a Mode feature.

    Wilhelmina grieves over Connor's death and lets her style standards slip and Betty helps Daniel move on from his past.

  • Ugly Betty

    Episode 8 - The Bahamas Triangle

    The Mode team are sent to Bahamas for a photo shoot with Shakira (playing herself) but Betty finds three a crowd when she's lumbered with Matt and Amanda.

    Elsewhere, Wilhelmina discovers some unsettling information about Connor and Hilda has a romantic encounter with her high school sweetheart Bobby.

  • Ugly Betty

    Episode 9 - Be-Shure

    Ignacio prepares a joint Hanukkah and Christmas celebration for his family and his new partner Jean, who is Jewish.

    The smell of the food makes both Hilda and Betty queasy so they head out to buy Be-Shure pregnancy tests from the local pharmacy, forgetting that Jean works there. Will she tell Ignacio?

    Will Betty or Hilda get a positive result? Meanwhile, Marc tries to get Wilhelmina back at the helm but Hartley has other plans and Matt and Betty are loved up.

  • Matt's portrait of Betty

    Episode 10 - The Passion of the Betty

    Betty is feeling smothered by Matt and to encourage him to nurture his own passions, sets up a surprise showing of his artwork but it backfires when the pictures exhibited portray Betty as a man-eater.

    Meanwhile, Claire is furious with Daniel for teaming her up with her arch rival, Cal replaces Wilhelmina with Denise, Hilda is faced with a tough decision and Matt takes a leap of faith.

  • Ugly Betty - Wilhelmina in the bedroom

    Episode 11 - Back in Her Place

    Betty wants to write an inspirational feature for Mode but Wilhelmina's not keen, so Matt encourages her to start a blog.

    Marc has a cunning plan to change things at Mode, Bobby comes to Hilda's rescue, and Connor lies to Wilhelmina.

  • Ugly Betty

    Episode 12 - Blackout

    Betty tries to be neighbourly by planning a karaoke party for the people who live in her block of flats, but before the big day, her building is robbed and Marc is distraught since he lost something irreplaceable in the theft.

    Meanwhile, Daniel and Wilhelmina are back to being at each other's throats, so Amanda tricks them into attending couples counselling with Dr. Sparks and Ignacio refuses to accept Bobby in Hilda's life.

    Later, a citywide blackout causes chaos.

  • Ugly Betty

    Episode 13 - Chica and the Man

    Wilhemina is furious when she discovers she has a drag queen impersonator - Wilhediva Hater (played by Vanessa Williams' brother, Chris Williams).

    Meanwhile Betty receives an award for her blog, which causes tension between her and Daniel. When she vents online, her fans in blogosphere escalate the feud and the press hounds Daniel.

    Amanda rehires Helen but Willie orders Amanda to fire her - which Amanda just can't bring herself to do.

  • Ugly Betty - Smokin' Hot

    Episode 14 - Smokin' Hot

    Wilhemina marginalises Betty during Fashion Week but Daniel intervenes and assigns Betty to cover a low-priority show.

    There, she discovers a new designer, Marisa, whom she promotes as one of the 10 Designers to Watch, but Marc steals all her thunder.

    Meanwhile, Amanda is impressed by Helen's sewing skills and teams up with her to start a new line but cannot convince Marc or Betty to lobby Wilhemina on her behalf.

  • Betty shares a cocktail with three pals in Ugly Betty

    Episode 15 - Fire and Nice

    To speed along the investigation into her house fire, Betty is pressured to date an annoying fireman, Jimmy (played by Mad Men actor Rich Sommer).

    Wilhemina tries to prove to an old flame from her past that she's down to earth while Amanda draws closer to Tyler, convincing Claire to hire him as an in-house model at Mode.

    Hilda meets Bobby's parents for the first time and causes a bit of a stir.

  • Wilhelmina in bed in Ugly Betty

    Episode 16 - All the World's a Stage

    Justin loves his acting class, helmed by the eccentric Lena Korvinka, and finds himself in an unexpected triangle with his new friends, Austin and Lily.

    When Betty drops by class, she's smitten with a cool young playwright, Zachary, whom she will profile for Mode. But she challenges her own ethics when she starts dating him.

    Elsewhere, Wilhemina is hospitalised with a perforated ulcer.

  • Betty awaits dental treatment

    Episode 17 - Million Dollar Smile

    Betty is thrilled to get her braces off, courtesy of her chatty new orthodontist, Dr Frankel. But before this can happen, she gets knocked unconscious at a photo shoot of the Million Dollar Bra at the Guggenheim, spinning her into a dream sequence.

    An angelic Dr Frankel shows her how different her life would have been had she never worn braces. She's the pretty sister, while Hilda is homely, Ignacio is a compulsive gambler, Marc is a doting dad and Amanda is married to Daniel.

    But glam Betty is also mean - she's in cahoots with Wilhemina to terrify and overpower everyone at Mode.

  • Ashley Jenson stands waving in the fourth series of Ugly Betty

    Episode 18 - London Calling

    Betty gets an assignment to cover London Fashion Week. Accompanied by Amanda, she also brings Hilda along as a treat.

    She reconnects with Christina (played by Ashley Jensen) and runs into Gio unexpectedly.

    Willie tries to get closer to Tyler, and Bobby can't figure out why Justin is spending all his time with Austin.

  • Justin at Hilda's wedding in Ugly Betty

    Episode 19 - The Past Presents the Future

    Betty asks Daniel to be her 'plus one' to Hilda's wedding, Ignacio invites Elena, and Amanda is set on fixing up Marc with her new client, soap opera star Spencer Cannon.

    Justin weighs up if he should ask Austin to be his guest to the wedding, Betty considers unexpected offers in her personal and professional life and Wilhelmina finds a way to fight the Meade empire by using Tyler as her pawn.

  • Betty parties with her friends in the final episode of Ugly Betty

    Episode 20 - Hello Goodbye

    Betty finds it hard to tell Daniel important news about her future. When she does, his reaction surprises her, but doesn't surprise Claire.

    Justin and Bobby enthusiastically consider taking advantage of a softening housing market by apartment-hunting in Manhattan, but Hilda's resisting even the most amazing places.

    Amanda grapples with the death of her dog, Halston, and Marc wonders if he'll ever have a successful relationship.

Ugly Betty synopsis

Smash-hit US comedy drama. In the superficial world of high fashion, image is everything. How can an ordinary girl - a slightly plump plain Jane from Queens - possibly fit in?

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