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Smash-hit US comedy drama. In the superficial world of high fashion, image is everything. How can an ordinary girl - a slightly plump plain Jane from Queens - possibly fit in?

About the Show

Smash-hit US comedy drama. In the superficial world of high fashion, image is everything. How can an ordinary girl - a slightly plump plain Jane from Queens - possibly fit in?

Series 4 Summary

Betty starts work as an editor at Mode but finds that her new role brings a new set of issues especially with ex-boyfriend Matt as her new boss. Elsewhere, Daniel goes his own way without Betty's help and Justin starts secondary school.

  • Betty Suarez in series four of Ugly Betty

    Episode 1 - The Butterfly Effect: Part 1

    Betty has a disastrous first day as editor. The other editors snub her, and Matt, who's now her boss, acts hostile. Does he still have feelings for her? Wilhelmina lines up a surprise for the staff.

  • Ugly Betty

    Episode 2 - The Butterfly Effect: Part 2

    Betty's anti-malaria photoshoot is scuppered by Daniel's neediness and Matt's scornful attitude. Meanwhile, Amanda makes a new friend.

  • Ugly Betty

    Episode 3 - Blue on Blue

    Betty tries to get a scoop about Gucci with the help of one of Hilda's well-connected customers. Marc plots to sabotage Betty's scoop - will he succeed?

  • Ugly Betty - a man and a woman in the Mode magazine office

    Episode 4 - The Wiener, The Bun and the Boob

    Betty is overwhelmed by her workload so Wilhelmina asks Marc to step in as her assistant. Hilda makes a mortifying mistake.

  • Ugly Betty

    Episode 5 - Plus None

    Wilhelmina hosts a charity party, Matt asks Amanda to be his guest, Daniel discovers some facts about his family, and Amanda sets Betty up on a date

  • Betty and Bobby in Ugly Betty

    Episode 6 - Backseat Betty

    Betty tries to ask Hilda's rebellious ex-boyfriend on a date, Marc offers Justin advice, and Daniel tells Amanda about the Community of the Phoenix

  • Ugly Betty Ep 7.1

    Episode 7 - Level (7) with Me

    Claire and Betty worry that Daniel is getting too involved in the Community of the Phoenix so they try to rescue him by doing a feature on the group

  • Ugly Betty

    Episode 8 - The Bahamas Triangle

    The Mode team are sent to the Bahamas for a photo shoot with music star Shakira, but a disgruntled Betty is lumbered with Matt and Amanda

  • Ugly Betty

    Episode 9 - Be-Shure

    Hilda and Betty take pregnancy tests, Ignacio prepares a festive celebration, and Marc tries to get Wilhelmina back at the helm, but Hartley has other plans.

  • Matt's portrait of Betty

    Episode 10 - The Passion of the Betty

    Betty feels smothered by Matt. To encourage him to nurture his own passions, she sets up a surprise showing of his artwork, but her plan soon backfires.

  • Ugly Betty - Wilhelmina in the bedroom

    Episode 11 - Back in Her Place

    Betty wants to write an inspirational feature for Mode but Wilhelmina's not keen, so Matt encourages her to start a blog

  • Ugly Betty

    Episode 12 - Blackout

    Betty plans a karaoke party for the people who live in her block of flats, but before the big day, there's a spate of burglaries in the building

  • Ugly Betty

    Episode 13 - Chica and the Man

    Wilhelmina is furious when she hears she has a drag queen impersonator. Betty receives an award for her blog, creating tension between her and Daniel.

  • Ugly Betty - Smokin' Hot

    Episode 14 - Smokin' Hot

    Wilhelmina marginalises Betty during Fashion Week, but Daniel steps in and assigns Betty to cover a low-priority show, where she discovers a new designer.

  • Betty shares a cocktail with three pals in Ugly Betty

    Episode 15 - Fire and Nice

    To speed up the investigation into her house fire, Betty is pressured into dating an annoying fireman. Wilhelmina tries to prove to an old flame that she's down to earth.

  • Wilhelmina in bed in Ugly Betty

    Episode 16 - All the World's a Stage

    Justin loves his acting class, led by the eccentric Lena Korvinka, and finds himself in an unexpected triangle with his new friends, Austin and Lily

  • Betty awaits dental treatment

    Episode 17 - Million Dollar Smile

    Betty is knocked unconscious and dreams that her orthodontist shows her how different her life would have been had she never worn braces

  • Ashley Jenson stands waving in the fourth series of Ugly Betty

    Episode 18 - London Calling

    Betty covers London Fashion Week and brings Hilda along as a treat. She reconnects with Christina and also runs into Gio unexpectedly.

  • Justin at Hilda's wedding in Ugly Betty

    Episode 19 - The Past Presents the Future

    Betty asks Daniel to be her guest at Hilda's wedding, Ignacio invites Elena along, and Amanda plays matchmaker

  • Betty parties with her friends in the final episode of Ugly Betty

    Episode 20 - Hello Goodbye

    In the last ever episode, Betty struggles to tell Daniel important news about her future, Hilda is loath to move, and Marc wonders if he'll ever find love.