UFOs: The Secret Evidence

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Nick Cook with a US Blackbird

In this two-hour special, journalist Nick Cook embarks on a journey into a world of mystery and deceit. After 20 years of investigating some of the strangest and most secret military aircraft to take to the skies, Cook, a British Aerospace specialist, applies his expert knowledge to the fantastical realm of UFOs, close encounters and tales of alien abduction.

Featuring dramatic reconstructions and first-hand accounts, interviews with military experts and historians, as well as startling revelations gleaned from secret blueprints and classified government memos, this programme digs through the evidence from the last 60 years: from early sightings during the Second World War to the mass reports of alien abductions that swept America in the 80s and 90s.

Drawing on such landmark cases as Roswell and the Zamora sightings, Cook attempts to establish once and for all what has really been flying through our airspace.

UFOs: The Secret Evidence synopsis

Is the truth really out there? Defence journalist Nick Cook investigates the best UFO stories and asks what can be explained away by science - and what defies any rational explanation.

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