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When her mother remarries, Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) relocates to the state of Washington to live with her father Charlie (Billy Burke).

There, in the small, perpetually wintry town of Forks, she starts her new life, though she has no inkling of quite how different it's going to be.

At her new school she quickly establishes herself as both a bit of a klutz and a hunk magnet. However, she's not interested in most of the guys - apart from the moodily handsome, ashen complexioned Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson).

And when he saves her from various threatening situations, their mutual attraction is sealed. There's just one tiny problem: he's a vampire.

But although Edward and his undead family are `vegetarians' who don't feed on humans, his breed find it very difficult to control their overwhelming desire for human blood when their emotions switch from love to lust...

Also starring Peter Facinelli and Taylor Lautner.

Twilight synopsis

A teenage girl moves to a new town and falls for her high school's most enigmatic hunk, a guy who just happens to be a vampire

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