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Tucker and Dale vs Evil

It was bound to end in numerous bloody slayings from the start: a vanload of students holidaying in a remote rural location, on the exact spot and anniversary of a massacre of their kind, just as a duo of socially awkward locals also arrive on the scene.

However, those locals are Tucker (Alan Tudyk) and Dale (Tyler Labine), and despite ostensibly being rednecks, they are gentle folk who just want a quiet break by the lake, fishing, drinking beer and fixing up their run-down shack.

But when they rescue one of the skinny-dipping students from a midnight near-drowning, their actions are horribly misconstrued by the teens, sparking a series of gory killings, not all of which involve chainsaws. And, as the body count rises, it becomes increasingly clear that it's not Tucker and Dale who the college kids should be afraid of...

Also starring Katrina Bowden and Jesse Moss. Eli Craig and his co-writer Morgan Jurgenson won critical praise and quite a few festival prizes for their gleeful subversion of just about every 'murder in the woods' cliché in the horror canon.

(2010) Cert: 15

Tucker and Dale vs Evil synopsis

Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine star in Eli Craig's gory hillbilly comedy-horror, which plays with preconceptions about backwoodsmen

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