Series 1 Episode 5
First Broadcast: 11.40PM Fri 19 July 2013

Jumperman lands a job interview in a restaurant, but has an unusual take on the role of security.

Jake Stevens visits a pet stop, but doesn't like the way the fish stare at him.

Single Sarah looks for love with local pizza deliverymen.

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    1. S1-Ep1: Decorators This video is a clip S1-Ep1: Decorators Video duration: 1:22 minutes

      Jake has an unusual request for his decorators
      • WARNING Strong Language
      Watch Trojan Donkey Episode 1
    2. S1-Ep2: Key Cutting This video is a clip S1-Ep2: Key Cutting Video duration: 1:36 minutes

      It's a gold key with a pointy end for a red door. Easy. Watch Trojan Donkey Episode 2
    3. S1-Ep3: Jake Stevens This video is a clip S1-Ep3: Jake Stevens Video duration: 1:55 minutes

      A client call puts a receptionist in an awkward position Watch Trojan Donkey Episode 3
    4. S1- Ep4: Gay Dog This video is a clip S1- Ep4: Gay Dog Video duration: 0:40 minutes

      A man asks in the pet shop about a shelter for his dog Watch Trojan Donkey Episode 4
    5. S1-Ep4: Jilted Jenny This video is a clip S1-Ep4: Jilted Jenny Video duration: 0:57 minutes

      Jilted Jenny tries to make her boyfriend jealous Watch Trojan Donkey Episode 4
    6. S1-Ep5: Fish Farce This video is a clip S1-Ep5: Fish Farce Video duration: 1:47 minutes

      Jake challenges a pet shop owner about a goldfish Watch Trojan Donkey Episode 5

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