Series 1 Episode 1
First Broadcast: 1AM Fri 2 June 2006

Magicians Barry Jones and Stuart MacLeod travel across Egypt and the UK as they perform their versions of stories from the Bible.

Using a dazzling array of tricks, the humorous illusionists create their very own universe by producing light, water and earth and use their magical skills to turn ordinary walking sticks into vicious poisonous snakes in the biblical setting of Egypt.

They also perform their unusual brand of magic in order to recreate the story of Samson, produce water from a stone, create plagues and cast out a demon.

Finally, Stuart is magically transformed into a pillar of salt. Viewers should watch out for hideous boils, locusts, astounded Egyptians and a 'demonic' performance from legendary Happy Mondays dancer Bez.

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Illusionists Barry Jones and Stuart McLeod recreate stories from the Old Testament, using a dazzling array of tricks