Tower Block of Commons

  • Episode 1

    Austin Mitchell is shocked by poor living conditions and a drug problem on the Orchard Park estate in Hull. And Iain Duncan Smith learns a thing or two on the Carpenters estate in East London.

  • Episode 2

    The MPs try to live on benefits and get an insight into how low-income families cope. Tory Tim Loughton is taken aback sharing a one bedroom flat with a family of four (plus two dogs).

  • Episode 3

    In west London Tory MP Nadine tries to create harmony between residents and worshippers at a local mosque, while Tory Tim Loughton has a late night meeting with a Birmingham street gang.

  • Episode 4

    In the last show of the series the MPs try to complete their challenges. And as they return to their comfortable lives, will they keep the promises they made to residents?