Top Boy


  • Michael

    An intelligent, creative boy who is a good student and a budding rapper...

  • Joe

    With Dushane’s former boss Raikes dead, Joe and Dushane are now business partners.

  • Dris

    Clever and determined Dris has taken over from Sully as Dushane's right hand man

  • Sully

    Sully (Kane Robinson) is hot-headed and tends to react rather than think things through

  • Dushane

    Smart, methodical Dushane, (Ashley Walters) grew up on the Summerhouse estate

  • Gem

    Ra'Nell's best friend Gem (Giacomo Mancini) lives with his dad, who is always working...

  • Lisa

    Lisa's relationship with her son Ra'Nell is strained to breaking point...

  • Ra'Nell

    Ra'Nell has had to grow up quickly and look after himself...