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Dwayne Johnson stars in Michael Lembeck's family fantasy comedy about a tough-guy sportsman who learns not to puncture a child's illusions.

Derek Thompson is an ice hockey pro whose main tactical use is the flattening of opponents - often depriving them of a tooth or two in the process.

His aggression has earned him the nickname 'Tooth Fairy', but when he unsportingly tells his girlfriend's daughter that tooth fairies don't exist in reality, he's in for a bit of a shock. Unknown to him they do - and they take great umbrage at his slight.

Thompson is whipped away to Fairy Land, where he's tried for his misdemeanour and sentenced to a week's community service as a tooth fairy.

Thus he sprouts wings, is furnished with an outfit completely at odds with his usual image and is given Tracy (Stephen Merchant) as a (none too willing) mentor. And, as the comedic misunderstandings and slapstick errors steadily mount, it's clear Thompson wasn't cut out for his new line of work.

(2010) Cert: PG

Tooth Fairy synopsis

As punishment for telling a child not to believe in the tooth fairy, a tough star is turned into a tooth fairy

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