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In this popular and (literally) groundbreaking programme, Tony Robinson and a team of experts travel the country to investigate a wide range of archaeological sites of historical importance

About the Show

In this popular and (literally) groundbreaking programme, Tony Robinson and a team of experts travel the country to investigate a wide range of archaeological sites of historical importance

Series 8 Summary

Time Team's eighth series has seen the Team digging up a Norman castle, investigating a bone cave in Gloucestershire and looking for an Iron-Age village on Salisbury Plain

  • Episode 1 - Anglo-Saxon Cemetery in Lincolnshire

    The team investigate reports of a Saxon cemetery lost in the ground in Lincolnshire. All they find on day one is two teeth, but on the next morning they begin to discover much more.

  • Episode 2 - The Man Who Bought a Castle, Alderton, Northamptonshire

    Time Team are at amateur archaeologist Derek Batten's castle in Northamptonshire and they discover a link to William the Conqueror

  • Episode 3 - The Celtic Spring, Llygadwy, Wales

    Archaeological heaven or too good to be true? The Team investigate a site in one garden in Wales that comes a Neolithic tomb, a Norman tower, a Medieval or Roman trackway and an ancient sacred spring.

  • Episode 4 - A Waltham Villa, Gloucestershire

    Waltham field, in the village of Whittington, five miles from Cheltenham. Alerted by Gloucester County Archaeology, the Team have come in search of a Roman villa.

  • Episode 5 - The Lost Viaduct, Blaenafon, South Wales

    Time Team came to Blaenafon, in south Wales, to look for the world's first railway viaduct. Within 25 years of it being built, it had 'disappeared' from the landscape. Where had it gone?

  • Episode 6 - A Palace Sold for Scrap, Rycote, Oxfordshire

    The Team came to Rycote Park to try to find the remains of a country house that once played host to five reigning monarchs. What was left of the original Tudor mansion?

  • Episode 7 - An Iron-Age Roundhouse on Salisbury Plain

    The Team are on Salisbury Plain and there's Roman pottery lying on the surface and an Iron Age fort nearby. Was there a thriving community here 2000 years ago?

  • Episode 8 - The Bone Cave, Alveston, Gloucestershire

    Archaeological evidence of cannibalism in the UK is uncovered when the experts examine Iron Age human remains - suggesting these humans suffered a brutal demise

  • Episode 9 - The Inter-City Villa, Basildon, Berkshire

    In 1838, navvies laying Brunel's Great Western Railway found two Roman floor mosaics, probably from a villa, at Lower Basildon, in Berkshire. Time Team investigate the area further.

  • Episode 10 - Holy Island, Northumberland

    Lindisfarne, a.k.a. Holy Island, is one of England's most remote, historic and mystical places. But for years locals have been puzzled: why is an apparently empty field known as The Palace?

  • Episode 11 - The Leaning Tower of Bridgnorth, Shropshire

    Tony Robinson and the Team spend three days in Shropshire searching for the remains of the medieval castle that once dominated the historic market town of Bridgnorth

  • Episode 12 - Three Tales of Canterbury

    Sandi Toksvig and Liza Tarbuck join Tony Robinson and the Team as they investigate three separate sites in Canterbury

  • Episode 13 - The Leper Hospital, Winchester

    Just outside Winchester is a field which, 900 years ago, was home to the city's outcasts. The people who lived there were united by leprosy and their home was the St Mary Magdalene leper hospital.

  • Episode 14 - The Mystery of Mine Howe, Orkney

    In the Orkney Islands a mysterious underground chamber provides a challenge for Tony Robinson and his expert team

  • Episode 15 - The Island of the Eels, Ely

    For six months in the latter half of 2000, Time Team followed an excavation in Ely, Cambridgeshire, for a special 90-minute documentary