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In this popular and (literally) groundbreaking programme, Tony Robinson and a team of experts travel the country to investigate a wide range of archaeological sites of historical importance

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In this popular and (literally) groundbreaking programme, Tony Robinson and a team of experts travel the country to investigate a wide range of archaeological sites of historical importance

Series 7 Summary

Tony Robinson is back with regular experts Mick Aston, Phil Harding and Carenza Lewis for the first series of the millennium. Highlights include a visit to Hadrian's Wall and a search for King Offa's lost palace.

  • Episode 1 - Denia

    For tens of thousands of Brits, Spain's Costa Brava means sun, sand, sea and sangria, but for the Time Team it's 1000 years of archaeology.

    Tony Robinson and the experts turn their backs on Benidorm to travel a few miles up the coast to the small port of Denia to show what life was like 1000 years ago, when Denia was an Islamic settlement run by a pirate king.

  • Episode 2 - Cirencester: The Mosaic at the Bottom of the Garden

    Around 1700 years ago, Corinium - modern day Cirencester - was the second most important city in Roman Britain after Londinium. It was a bustling, wealthy city - built along the important Roman highway of Ermine Street - and was complete with basilica, forum, shops, high-status housing and all the other attributes of a thriving provincial capital.

    Time Team was drawn to Cirencester by the opportunity to excavate in the gardens of a number of properties in Chester Street, which lies close to the line of Ermine Street and near to the centre of old Corinium.

    The Team also examined evidence for the existence of another Roman road bisecting Ermine Street, using geophysics surveys to try to determine its exact location. As a result of the investigation, a number of new pieces could be put into place in the archaeologists' jigsaw map of old Corinium.

  • Episode 3 - Wierre-Effroy

    On 23 May 1940, Spitfire pilot Paul Klipsch flew across the Channel for his first and last day of combat. His plane crashed in northern France, where his body is buried in a local cemetery.

    Time Team have just three days to excavate the Spitfire and tell the story of Klipsch's last hours.

  • Episode 4 - Waddon

    Time Team descend on the tiny village of Wadden in Dorset, where neighbours Grace Brooks and David James discovered a huge amount of old pottery in their shared garden during excavations for a new septic tank.

    The pottery dated from Medieval, Roman and Iron Age times and was in excellent condition. What lies beneath the five houses of the village?

  • Episode 5 - Birdoswald

    Tony Robinson and the Team travel to the Roman fort of Birdoswald in Cumbria to carry out the first ever excavation of a Roman cemetery near the wall.

    But during the dig - which includes a spectacular recreation of a funeral pyre - they also discover the remains of a Roman town that ceased to exist after the year 200.

    Could it have been one of the largest Roman towns in northern Britain? And why did it die?

  • Episode 6 - Elveden

    Time Team are in search of the real-life Flintstones at one of Britain's major early Stone Age sites at a holiday camp at Elveden in Suffolk.

    The site dates back 400,000 years when our early ancestors shared the country with lions, rhinos and elephants - but, contrary to the movies, definitely no dinosaurs.

  • Episode 7 - Coventry

    After three days excavating a medieval cathedral under Coventry city centre, Time Team discovers a burial chamber and decide to break their 'three-day-dig' rule and stay on.

    The excavation reveals a major historical find: the skeleton of one of Coventry's first Priors.

    The monk was buried before Henry VIII destroyed the cathedral in the 16th century, but modern science reveals that he lived well into middle age.

  • Episode 8 - Basing House

    The Team rubs shoulders with royalty when they visit Basing House in Hampshire.

    It was once one of grandest homes in Tudor England and a haunt of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I - until it was destroyed by Cromwell during the Civil War.

  • Episode 9 - Flag Fen

    The Team travel back to the Bronze Age to Flag Fen in Cambridgeshire.

    The fenland bog is home to one of the most important archaeological 'wet-sites' in the country, where the soggy conditions help preserve 3000-year-old timbers buried in the peat.

  • Episode 10 - Sutton, Hereford

    Time Team head for Herefordshire in search of the Royal palace of the great Anglo-Saxon leader, King Offa, who ruled the kingdom of Mercia from 757 to 796.

    Records show that Offa had a grand palace in the area but its exact location has never been discovered.

  • Episode 11 - Greenwich

    Tony Robinson and the Team are in Greenwich Park at the invitation of the Museum of London.

    The discovery of a rare inscribed Roman stone, a tile bearing the letters PPBR, and new evidence on the position of the famous Roman road -Watling Street - have the experts jumping up and down with excitement.

  • Episode 12 - Hartlepool

    The Team search for a lost Anglo-Saxon monastery on the rain and wind-swept Headland at Hartlepool in Northumberland.

    Twelve hundred years ago a thriving community of monks and nuns, presided over by Saint Hilda, were trying to convert the pagans to Christianity. But the monastery disappeared after 200 years and lay forgotten until workmen unearthed human bones and grave markers in 1833.

    Now the Team has just three days to find the exact location of the monastery and perhaps the remains of some of St Hilda's followers.

  • Episode 13 - York

    Tony Robinson and the Team faced one of their biggest challenges when they travelled to York to excavate three sites from three different historical periods in just three days.

    The finds ranged from a Roman skeleton complete with hobnail boots to a Viking's discarded leather shoe and the pillars of a monastic hospital.

    But what does all this evidence reveal?

Time Team synopsis

In this popular and (literally) groundbreaking programme, Tony Robinson and a team of experts travel the country to investigate a wide range of archaeological sites of historical importance

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