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In this popular and (literally) groundbreaking programme, Tony Robinson and a team of experts travel the country to investigate a wide range of archaeological sites of historical importance

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In this popular and (literally) groundbreaking programme, Tony Robinson and a team of experts travel the country to investigate a wide range of archaeological sites of historical importance

Series 10 Summary

The Team uncover the last remnants of Henry VIII's Greenwich Palace, investigate the graves of 'giants' in Shetland, and search for the remains of a 17th century dungeon in Cumbria.

  • Episode 1 - Garden Secrets, Raunds, Northants

    The Team meet Morris and Pat Jones who, when digging a small pond in their Northamptonshire garden, unearthed a skeleton - laid out with a knife, ceremonial pottery and a valuable buckle.

    It was clearly Saxon. Morris and Pat called in the Time Team. Could they have a whole cemetery in their garden? Was it early or late? Who might be buried there?

    Tony Robinson, Mick Aston, Phil Harding, Carenza Lewis and their team of excavators and experts move in to the Jones' garden for just three days - and attempt to shed light on the fantastic discoveries.

  • Episode 2 - Mosaics, Mosaics, Mosaics, Dinnington

    Tony Robinson and the Team meet a Somerset farmer who unexpectedly unveiled a mosaic floor under his pigsties.

    There has to be a Roman villa somewhere, so the Time Team begin their investigations.

    In an extraordinary three-day dig across two sites they find not just one, but a whole field full of some of the finest mosaics uncovered in recent years.

  • Episode 3 - Time Team

    Time Team travels to the Peak District to uncover the story behind a grisly discovery; a mysterious collection of human bones in a deep cave in Derbyshire.

  • Episode 4 - The Giant's Grave, Fetlar, Shetland

    Time Team treks to one of the outermost Shetland Islands in an attempt to reveal the truth behind an ancient local myth.

    A cliff-top mound has long been known as the Giant's Grave. But what does it conceal? And could it be connected with some Viking pottery found in a nearby garden?

    Battling time and weather conditions, the team unveil some extraordinary and rare finds. Will they hold the vital clues?

  • Episode 5 - Time Team

    The team visits Greenwich in search of Henry VIII's lost armoury and jousting yard, which was located beside his favourite palace - now the site for the Naval College and Maritime Museum.

  • Episode 6 - Digging Liberty, Merton, South London

    Tony Robinson and the team are hunting for Liberty's first factory in South London.

    'Liberty silks' still evoke images of opulence and beauty, of floating dresses and more leisurely times. But their hunt proves far from leisurely.

    Day three of the search brings the vital breakthrough - as well as an extraordinary attempt to recreate the 19th century techniques of dying and printing those wonderful silks.

  • Episode 7 - Death in a Crescent, Bath

    The Royal Crescent in Bath may be one of Britain's finest structures - but that doesn't deter Tony Robinson, Mick Aston and the rest of the team from digging it up.

    Round the back should be a Roman cemetery and at the front should be the Fosse Way.

    Hours of torrential rain and an unexpected Victorian church cellar don't make life easier, but by day three they unveil Roman skeletons and a Roman road... even if neither is in quite the right place.

  • Episode 8 - Back to Our Roots, Athelney

    To mark the 100th episode, Tony Robinson and the Time Team return to a site they investigated in the very first series.

    Athelney is one of England's most important historic sites, where King Alfred established his stronghold and organised the campaign to wrest England from the Vikings. But it has never been excavated - ten years ago, the team weren't even allowed to dig!

    But this time the trenches go in and, amid the reminiscences, the famous fortified abbey yields its secrets, among them a remarkable revelation about its origins.

  • Episode 9 - Looking for the White House, Kew Gardens

    Time Team travel to Kew Gardens. Kew Gardens is world famous, but how many visitors know they're walking on top of a lost royal palace?

    King George III built himself a fine residence here but today, just the kitchen block remains unnoticed in a corner.

    Tony Robinson and the team rip up the immaculate lawns in search of the elusive foundations. Clues are easy to find but can they piece together the whole plan in just three days?

  • Episode 10 - Rescuing the Dead, Leven, Fife

    A rare Bronze Age cemetery is the prompt for Tony and the Team to take on a rescue mission in Fife, Scotland.

    Developers are keen to move on to the land and there is just time to uncover and excavate the graves.

    But can they solve the mystery of the huge stone-covered burial at the heart of the cemetery?

  • Episode 11 - Not a Blot on the Landscape, Castle Howard, Yorkshire

    Tony Robinson and the team are invited to dig up the lawns of one of Britain's grandest stately homes, Castle Howard in Yorkshire.

    When the house was built, a medieval village was unceremoniously razed to the ground. Now the owners are keen to find out all they can about the village and its inhabitants.

    Records are sparse and the search proves to be a challenge until the team make an astonishing discovery in a dusty basement.

  • Episode 12 - A View to a Kiln, Sedgefield

    Some startling aerial photos of fields outside Sedgefield look like a lost Roman town - a town that would be the most northerly Roman civilian settlement.

    Can Tony Robinson, Mick Aston, Phil Harding, Carenza Lewis and the team of excavators and experts redraw the map of Roman Britain in just three days?

    With local MP Tony Blair due to drop in at the end for a history lesson, the pressure really is on.

  • Episode 13 - Jailhouse Rocks, Appleby, Cumbria

    Tony Robinson heads off to the old market town of Appleby in Cumbria and is brought face to face with the hardships of our early prisons.

    A police station is on the site of no fewer than three historic gaols, now buried under the car park.

    While hunting for the old cells under the tarmac, the Time Team also have to search for evidence of a legendary 18th century escape and the infamous hanging room.

Time Team synopsis

In this popular and (literally) groundbreaking programme, Tony Robinson and a team of experts travel the country to investigate a wide range of archaeological sites of historical importance

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