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  1. Professor Mick Aston: A Time Team Tribute

    Professor Mick Aston: A Time Team Tribute

    More4 aired a night of programmes in memory of Time Team's archaeological director and one of the top archaeologists in the country, Professor Mick Aston, who died on 24 June 2013.

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  2. Upton Castle

    Upton Castle

    In 1997 Steve and Pru Barlow were visiting Upton Castle, a 13th century site in Pembrokeshire, most well known for its formal gardens. This proved to be a fateful visit...

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  3. Northwood


    Northwood Prep School in Hertfordshire is currently the site of a school for boys, housed in the restored buildings of an 18th century model farm.

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  4. Dundrum


    Dundrum Castle is one of the most picturesque monuments in Northern Ireland.

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  5. Dropshort


    In 1962 a farmer ploughing a field near Abingdon in Oxfordshire hit something hard...

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  6. Oakham


    Oakham 'Castle' in Rutland, Leicestershire is the best-preserved example of a 12th century hall in Britain.

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  7. Coniston


    Coniston Copper Mines in the beautiful Lake District National Park were in operation for almost 400 years.

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  8. Barrow Clump

    Barrow Clump

    Barrow Clump is all that remains of a group of Bronze Age barrows near Figeldean, Wiltshire.

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  9. Henham Park

    Henham Park

    Henham Park in Suffolk is owned by Hektor Rous, direct descendent of the Earls of Stradbroke. Hektor, an Australian by birth, came to run Henham when his father, a sheep farmer, was found to be the only living relative of the Rous family.

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  10. Caerau Hillfort

    Caerau Hillfort

    Hillforts are thought of as defensive structures as well as symbols of power, prestige and community.

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