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B&B owners throw open their doors and take turns to stay with one another - and pay what they consider fair for their stay

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B&B owners throw open their doors and take turns to stay with one another - and pay what they consider fair for their stay

Series 2 Summary

Another set of house-proud proprietors vie to be crowned the best Bed and Breakfasts by the toughest critics possible - fellow B&B owners.

  • Episode 1

    Stoberry House, a £110 a night B&B in Somerset, goes head-to-head with £85-a-night Frome Dale in Dorset, and the retro Blue Pigeons in Worth in Kent.

    The first visit is to Stoberry House, where meticulously house-proud host Frances is left reeling when clean-freak Debbie from Frome Dale claims to find a pubic hair in the shower. With relations between the two women frosty, Debbie is put on the spot when the group visit her B&B next, where some spilled wine and picky breakfast orders almost prove too much.

    Can the hosts of the final establishment, rock and roll enthusiasts Ray and Marilyn, bring a bit of cheer back to the group with their retro-themed B&B?

  • Episode 2

    The owners of Foxwood, near Leeds, go head-to-head with Welton Manor Farm in Somerset and the five-star White Vine House in East Sussex.

    The competition starts in Carlton, Leeds at the economy Foxwood bed and breakfast which charges only a £40-a-night B&B. Owners, down-to-earth Yorkshire man Steve and his Thai wife Thappanee, succeed in winning over the other hoteliers who, despite their best efforts, find little to criticise.

    The group's second visit is to the family-run Welton Manor Farm, where rooms cost £75-a-night. Javed from White Vine House is proving to be a stickler for detail, and struggles to hold back his opinions on the furnishings in the bedrooms. Meanwhile, owner Charlotte worries her culinary skills won't match up to the guests' expectations at breakfast.

    The pricey White Vine House is the final guesthouse to be judged. Perfectionist host Javed hopes it will be a case of 'save the best till last'. But after being overly critical of the previous two B&Bs, he knows every detail will need to be faultless if he's to be crowned best value.

  • Episode 3

    A B&B in the middle of the Norfolk Broads goes head-to-head with one in Holland Park, west London, and an animal-friendly B&B in Somerset.

    The first visit is to the Heronby, a £75-a-night thatched property in Norfolk, where the guests are wowed by the modern facilities that ex-DJ Lester and his young wife Katie offer. However, etiquette expert Jean from Holland Park soon makes her mark by freely criticising the bedroom furniture and table settings at breakfast.

    As queen of her castle, Jean relishes the chance to show off her four-star rated B&B in Holland Park where guests pay up to £80 a night. But her guests are less than impressed with the dusty rooms and overall lack of facilities, and Jean's stoic façade soon cracks when faced with the negative feedback.

    With tensions running high, Rod and Cathy hope their animal-friendly B&B - the £60-a-night Exmoor Owl and Hawk Centre - will restore group morale and win them the top prize. But could the dog-scented carpets prove a turn off for the others?

    Once again, tears are shed as the feedback is given, the payments are counted and the winner is announced.

  • Episode 4

    Winterbourne Country House in the Isle of Wight takes on the Artist's House in Fowey, Cornwall and the Raincliffe Hotel in Scarborough.

    The five-star Winterbourne Country House charges up to £190 a night for a room. On their first meeting at Winterbourne, the visiting guests are shocked by the price of the rooms that ex-partners Andrew and Andy provide. Owners of the Raincliffe Hotel, Malcolm and Katherine, are particularly unconvinced by the quality of their £190 suite.

    The group's second visit is to the quaint two-bedroom £80-a-night Artist's House owned by textiles artist Vivien, and Malcolm soon makes an enemy of Vivien with his clear distaste for her furnishings - and his risqué humour.

    After being highly critical of the other hotels, lorry driver and aspiring comedian Malcolm and his wife Katherine have a lot to prove if their establishment the Raincliffe Hotel will be voted best value. But with one guest in particular out for vengeance, it is anyone's guess who will have the last laugh in this week's competition.

  • Episode 5

    The owners of Joseph's Amazing Camels, a £75-a-night B&B and camel-racing business just outside Stratford-upon-Avon, go head-to-head with the four-star Old Royal Oak pub and guesthouse in Knaresborough, Yorkshire where rooms cost up to £70 a night, and finally Balnabrechan Lodge, a four-star log cabin B&B situated north of Arbroath in Scotland which charges up to £75 per night.

    The competition begins at Joseph's Amazing Camels run by Joe and Rebecca Fosset. Both sets of guests like the rooms but Cath, owner of the Old Royal Oak, cannot fathom why there are no TVs in the rooms and is equally unimpressed with the camel riding activity that is set up for them.

    Next feisty Cath and husband Loren's take their turn to host at the Old Royal Oak where their pride in their B&B and town are put to the test. But while the guests fall in love with the history and beauty of Knaresborough, their feelings are not quite so positive for the B&B itself, with the lack of personality in the rooms and pub-setting major criticisms for all the visitors.

    With everything to play for final host Jules hopes to strike the right balance with the attention to detail shown at her Balnabrechan Lodge in the depths of Scotland. So with a feminine touch and some traditional Scottish fare up her sleeve, can Jules do enough to win the title as best value for money?

  • Episode 6

    The Pendragon Country House in Cornwall takes on the luxury Hamble Retreat in Southampton and Grey Cottage, a 160-year-old stone cottage in the Cotswolds.

    First up is the five-star rated Pendragon Country House, owned by husband and wife team Nigel and Sharon Reed. where rooms cost up to £130 per night. The other guests have high hopes of this B&B. But upon arrival, fellow hoteliers Nick and Jackie of the Hamble Retreat find the luxury a bit lacking. And after a disappointing attempt at breakfast, Nigel and Sharon's chances of winning seem poor.

    Nick and Jackie hope to show that the luxury £135-a-night Hamble Retreat is worth every penny. Initially, the house and abundant facilities wow the guests, and they all enjoy the trip to the National Motor Museum. But, after a heated debate about the star rating system at dinner, and a lack of selection at breakfast, Nick and Jackie are left red-faced by the not so glowing feedback they receive.

    As the tensions mount amongst the group, it's left to veteran B&B owner and former 'Friendliest Landlady of the Year' Rosie, to impress at her establishment Grey Cottage.

  • Episode 7

    Wriggles Brook in Herefordshire faces off against Swallowfield B&B in Coventry, and Leyland Country House in the New Forest.

    Wriggles Brook is a traditional gypsy caravan where rooms - or wagons - go for up to £80 per night. As managers of Wriggles Brook for only four weeks, young couple Ollie and Millie have a lot to prove, and ther guests show mixed reactions over the gypsy caravans - and shock at the shared compost loo.

    Next up is the Swallowfield, a traditional B&B, where host Suzanne prides herself on cleanliness, and is taken aback when Ollie and Millie claim to have find a cobweb and dust in their room.

    Finally comes the turn of Leyland Country House owned by single-mum Liese, who markets her place as luxury - but will the others agree?

  • Episode 8

    It's tears and tantrums as Westbrook B&B in Somerset takes on Mill Stream House in Christchurch and The Metro in Newquay.

    Westbrook is a Victorian farmhouse in Somerset owned by partners Keith and David. Upon arrival, Heather of Mill Stream House and her friend Margaret soon find plenty to criticise, writing a list of all of their complaints. An excursion to the Somerset Cider Brandy Company is a good icebreaker and the group are impressed by the hosts' hospitality, but a disappointing breakfast, and lack of TV and wi-fi in the bedrooms, put Keith and David's chances of winning in doubt.

    At Heather's Mill Stream House her fellow B&B owners are expecting perfection. But Keith and David immediately find a problem with their ground-floor bedroom, which is overlooked by passers by. And despite a dinner at the most expensive restaurant in Christchurch, things take a wrong turn at breakfast.

    Last to host is Sam Cobley and his modern B&B, The Metro. Keith and David like their IKEA-styled room, but Heather feels her room lacks quality and luxury, and isn't impressed by the continental buffet breakfast.

  • Episode 9

    The four-star Howarth House in Lytham St Anne's takes on Snooze in Brighton and the Enchanted Manor on the Isle of Wight.

    The competition starts at Howarth House, run by friends Sue and Jenny, where each room is decorated according to Sue's interpretation of `boutique' style. But style-conscious Paul and Tony from Snooze aren't fans of the individual interior design and soon make enemies of the host.

    Next stop is Snooze, the retro vintage guesthouse created by former DJs and mates Paul and Tony, where despite a riotous game of beach volleyball, the final payment results in accusations of foul play.

    The final B&B to be visited is the five-star Enchanted Manor owned by Rick and Maggie Hilton. This romantic getaway boasts rooms with different fantasy themes and a ghost tour of the nearby cliffs. Will the other owners be swept away with the charm of Enchanted Manor and vote it best value for money?

  • Episode 10

    This cracking series finale features a battle of the poached egg as Downsview in Ashford takes on St Curig's B&B in North Wales and Lyth Hill House in Shropshire.

    Downsview is a four-star B&B run by Christine Levy and her family where rooms cost up to £70 a night.

    St Curig's in Capel Curig, North Wales is a converted church run by Alice where rooms are charged at £75 a night.

    And Lyth Hill House is a deluxe five-star, gold-rated B&B run by Clive and Gwendda.

    This contentious week of visits includes a bracing treetop adventure, a poached egg controversy, and rumours of foul play.

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B&B owners throw open their doors and take turns to stay with one another - and pay what they consider fair for their stay

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