This Old Thing: The Vintage Clothes Show


  • Where to Shop

    Find out more about the shops featured in the show

  • How To Shop Online

    Dawn gives her tips on how to shop for vintage clothes online

  • How I Do Vintage

    Dawn explains how she wears vintage and gives her tips on getting started

  • Dawn on Vintage

    'Vintage does take a little more effort than shopping on the high street, but the pay-off is worth it every time. Stick with me. I promise your wardrobe will be transformed...'

  • Start Wearing Vintage

    Dressing in vintage is exciting and full of glamour, but it can be daunting! This Old Thing’s workshop team give you helpful tips for getting started.

  • Buying a Vintage Wedding Dress

    Do you fancy doing something different for your wedding? This Old Thing’s vintage wedding dress expert Arianna gives her top tips to help you find the perfect frock

  • Buying a Sewing Machine

    Thinking about buying a sewing machine? Jax from the Workshop Team is here to help.

  • How to: Thread a Sewing Machine

    Workshop expert Charlotte takes you through the basics of how to thread a sewing machine

  • How to: Take in a Garment

    Jax from the Workshop Team has a step-by-step guide to taking in a garment so it fits you perfectly

  • How to: Use leftover fabric

    Don't let anything go to waste; instead try Arianna's tips for making bows and headpieces from leftover fabric