Thelma's Gypsy Girls

  • Episode 1

    Thelma begins the search for her ten new trainees. All of them are gypsies or travellers, some left school at 11 and some are unable to read, write or even tell the time.

  • Episode 2

    Thelma's girls begin their course in dressmaking. Feisty 16-year-old Irish traveller Margaret struggles with authority and clashes with fellow trainee Bridget.

  • Episode 3

    With Thelma off work with exhaustion, the factory slides into chaos. And then Shannon drops a bombshell, revealing that she lied about her age. Can Thelma's scheme survive?

  • Episode 4

    Thelma mixes family and business, inviting Margaret to stay in her own home. Pressure mounts for the team as tragedy hits Grace's family and she has to leave to attend a traditional gypsy funeral.

  • Episode 5

    Shannon, Kathleen, Vicky and Megan are tasked with working on their first gypsy wedding dress. But two of the girls squander their chance to impress Thelma.

  • Episode 6

    Just as Thelma's course is coming to an end, an allegation of racism explodes in the factory and Thelma has to face the daily prejudices of being a Traveller