The Worst Jobs in History

  • Urban jobs

    Tony Robinson explores life in the underbelly of our past times, including the back-breaking job of the water caddy and the vile role of the pure collector

  • Royal jobs

    Tony Robinson explores a variety of horrid regal tasks from the past, including the purple dyer, who extracted the colour by rotting shellfish in urine

  • Industrial jobs

    Tony Robinson experiences the worst jobs from the Industrial Revolution, including those of the bridge-builder, soap-boiler, glass-blower, knocker-upper and saggar-maker's bottom knocker.

  • Maritime jobs

    Tony Robinson is all at sea as liar, underdog, midshipman, fusée-chain maker, flying man, lighthouse builder and Victorian lifeboat man

  • Worst Christmas Jobs in History

    Tony Robinson slides down the festive career ladder to investigate the worst Christmas jobs in history, from the weird and wonderful to the dangerous and disgusting

  • Rural jobs

    Tony samples life as a shepherd boy, nettle harvester, reddleman, thresher, chaff-box boy, sedge cutter, sin eater, pole man and lead-white maker