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From freak desert snowstorms to glow-in-the-dark ocean waves, The World's Weirdest Weather examines some of the planet's most extraordinary weather phenomena.

About the Show

From freak desert snowstorms to glow-in-the-dark ocean waves, The World's Weirdest Weather examines some of the planet's most extraordinary weather phenomena.

  • The World's Weirdest Weather

    From the top of a black volcano to the bottom of a rainbow river, this episode explores the weather's most colourful mysteries

  • Series 4 Episode 7

    From sapphire caves to bizarre blue lava and rainbow clouds, this episode exposes the invisible forces of nature behind the strangest bright and beautiful events on our planet

  • Series 4 Episode 6

    The weather in this episode creates a strange symphony. Light sabre sounds resonate from icy lakes, rocks ring like bells, and deadly multiple twisters roar and rage across the earth.

  • Series 4 Episode 5

    This episode features geysers exploding in the city, clouds that look like they've been cut with a razor, freak winds that turn bridges to jelly, blood-red rainbows and 'zombie' trees

  • Series 4 Episode 4

    Hailstorms, lightning and supercells unleash hell. Helicopters ignite the air, 'snowmageddon' hits Tucson and mysterious circles form in Namibia, while fish wash ashore in India.

  • Series 4 Episode 3

    From icy waves in the Arctic to wobbly earth in England, this episode takes in biblical floods, exploding rocks, alien landscapes and earthquake lightning

  • Series 4 Episode 2

    This episode examines global weather wipe-outs, from Maryland to the Middle East. Lakes are boiled and frogs frozen alive. Plagues of locusts rain down and snow buries a city.

  • Series 4 Episode 1

    This episode reveals the truth about deadly rain bombs, freak desert hailstorms, bizarre 'ropenadoes', seafloor volcanoes, lakes you can walk on and more

  • Series 3 Episode 4

    Series 3 Episode 4

    Why is a lake in Canada coming out in spots? Plus: singing sand dunes, rare gravity waves, a pillar of ice sprouting from an English birdbath, and more.

  • Series 3 Episode 3

    Series 3 Episode 3

    This episode features exploding icebergs in Antarctica, snow in Saudi Arabia, deadly sea foam in America, a perfect full circle rainbow, a lake that drains then mysteriously re-fills, and more

  • Series 3 Episode 2

    Series 3 Episode 2

    How weird weather is making Florida the sinkhole capital of the world. Plus, red rain in Sri Lanka and India, underwater clouds, snow rollers, sprouting ice and more.

  • Series 3 Episode 1

    Series 3 Episode 1

    This episode visits a town in South Carolina where it's raining popcorn snow: little balls of ice called graupel that look harmless but that could trigger avalanches

  • Series 2 Episode 4

    Series 2 Episode 4

    More incredible weather and the science behind it, from a rare fire rainbow to cloud streets and a blood-red waterfall

  • Series 2 Episode 3

    Series 2 Episode 3

    Weird weather on this show includes; an icicle that closes down a street in Canada, a green haze that envelops Moscow 26 years after the Chernobyl disaster, and lightning that reaches out to space

  • Series 2 Episode 2

    Series 2 Episode 2

    How did weird weather turn Lake Erie pea green? Plus, New York's beautiful 'Manhattanhenge' sunset, moustache clouds, weather bombs, giant mushroom-shaped rocks and more.

  • Series 2 Episode 1

    Series 2 Episode 1

    New series of the show that examines some of the planet's most extraordinary weather phenomena. The first programme includes an upside down rainbow and glow-in-the-dark ocean waves.

  • The World's Weirdest Weather

    The World's Weirdest Weather

    Alex explores more remarkable weather events, including a flash flood in New Zealand that washes a dozen eels into a suburban street, and discovers how spiders, powered by a thunderstorm, can fly

  • Series 1 Episode 3: Water

    Series 1 Episode 3: Water

    Alex Beresford explores how water can create freakish weather events, from Britain's deadly flood of 1953 to a rain of worms in Scotland, sea foam and giant hailstones called ice bombs.

  • Series 1 Episode 2: Air

    Series 1 Episode 2: Air

    Alex Beresford reveals the staggering power of air, and how it creates strange weather, from tornadoes to Biblical dust storms, double rainbows, dust devils, smog and mirages

  • Series 1 Episode 1: Fire

    Series 1 Episode 1: Fire

    Alex explores strange weather associated with fire, from firenadoes to upward lightning, volcanic explosions and firestorms; with remarkable accounts from those who have survived lightning strikes.