The World's... and Me

    • Episode 1 - The World's Smallest Man and Me

      Mark Dolan travels through Nepal, Taiwan and Inner Mongolia to find out more about the contenders for the title of World's Smallest Man

    • Episode 2 - The World's Tallest Woman and Me

      Mark Dolan sets out on a journey to meet the world's tallest woman and others who are extraordinarily tall, and find out whether it is a curse or a gift to them

    • Episode 3 - The World's Fattest Pet and Me

      Mark Dolan meets a talking dog with his own stalker and some of the fattest pets in America, and enters the fiercely competitive world of giant German rabbits

    • Episode 4 - The World's Hairiest Person and Me

      Mark Dolan first meets the 'Wool Boy' of China who is keen to become a torchbearer for the Olympics, before heading to Mexico to spend time with an extraordinary family of hairy people.