Series 1 Episode 3
First Broadcast: 12AM Sun 25 January 2004

The final episode examines the evolution of harmony singing, from gospel via doo-wop, rhythm & blues, soul and rock to the boy bands of today.

Doo-wop was a vibrant musical style and street culture that evolved from gospel, emerging on street corners, where rival gangs held singing battles, and developing into a major and influential musical genre.

In spite of its links with gospel, the church viewed doo-wop as the devil's music, as it did rhythm & blues, although it too was inspired by gospel. Motown took harmony singing to a new audience, with a global influence that extended to the Beatles.

The Beach Boys combined gospel, soul and doo-wop influences with cutting edge voice-layering techniques when they recorded Pet Sounds, setting a precedent for the extensive use of technology by boy bands, the most popular harmony singers of today.

This final episode features contributions from influential singers such as Lou Rawls, Solomon Burke, Ben E King, Brian Wilson, Neil Sedaka, Ray Charles and Bono, and other industry experts.

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