The Undateables


  • Mary

    Glamorous, gold medal winning mother of one Mary has never 'tasted' true love...

  • Daniel

    Singer-songwriter Daniel is a true gentle giant who longs for a girlfriend

  • Hayley

    Nursery nurse Hayley believes there is someone out there for everyone

  • Ruth

    Jazz singing bisexual Ruth's vocal tics make dating difficult so, who will take her on?

  • John

    John may have trouble understanding relationships but he feel sure a girlfriend will complete him

  • Zoe

    Romantic Zoe' has been engaged twice. She's hoping to make it third time lucky...

  • Shaine

    Romantic poet Shaine, 33, harbours dreams of finding true love

  • Sam

    Two years ago 28 year old Sam who has Down Syndrome went on his first ever date

  • Richard (Series 1)

    Since we last met 39 year old Richard, he's taken up modeling...

  • Justin

    Self-confessed flirt Justin, 41, struggles to turn interest into dates

  • Steve

    33 year old shop worker Steve from Sunderland is an eternal romantic

  • Kate

    Kate is an amateur poet and incurable romantic

  • Michael

    It's the next stage of 27 year old Michael's dating evolution

  • Ray

    52 year old has Ray from North London has always believed he'll find 'the One.'