The Undateables


  • Oliver

    25 year old Oliver is a talented artist, and has wanted a girlfriend for as long as he can remember

  • Heather

    38-year-old Heather has severe OCD. Her condition means she is terrified of any physical contact...

  • Steve

    33 year old shop worker Steve from Sunderland is an eternal romantic

  • Kate

    Kate is an amateur poet and incurable romantic

  • Damian

    25 year old Damian from Middlesex, has difficulty leaving the house in broad daylight...

  • Gareth

    Like any self-respecting Essex boy has a different bottle of aftershave for every day of the month

  • Matthew

    20 year-old Matthew has his heart set on getting a proper girlfriend

  • Michael

    It's the next stage of 27 year old Michael's dating evolution

  • Samantha

    Extreme sports enthusiast Samantha

  • Sarah

    Sarah from Hertfordshire was a well-adjusted 18-year-old until she suffered a stroke

  • Ray

    52 year old has Ray from North London has always believed he'll find 'the One.'

  • Brent

    Two years ago Brent went on a date with 27 year old Challis. A year ago Brent got down on one knee and popped the big question.