The Undateables


  • Shaine

    Romantic poet Shaine, 33, harbours dreams of finding true love

  • Sam

    Two years ago 28 year old Sam who has Down Syndrome went on his first ever date

  • Richard (Series 1)

    Since we last met 39 year old Richard, he's taken up modeling...

  • Penny

    Trainee teacher Penny spends much of her free time up in the air as a trapeze artist

  • Luke

    Luke is a stand-up comedian with an active social life but hasn't had a serious relationship for three years

  • Justin

    Self-confessed flirt Justin, 41, struggles to turn interest into dates

  • Haydn

    Hadyn is a skater and avid Chelsea supporter, who believes that 'Love is basically life'

  • Carolyne

    Carolyne is sick of kissing frogs and is ready to meet her prince

  • Kali

    Cheerful Kali believes that love feels amazing and means 'being caring and kind'