The Undateables


  • George

    George wants to find that 'finding that 'special someone and live happily ever after'

  • David

    Magician and writer David has always believed 'love should catch you unexpectedly'

  • Bethany

    Bethany from Leicestershire can regularly be found in her bedroom singing her heart out to her favourite love songs

  • Tom M

    Harry Potter fan Tom from Salisbury is looking for love of the magical kind

  • Lucas

    19 year old graphic designer Lucas from Leicester is a daredevil when it comes to adventure sports

  • James

    James is relying on his electric smile and Eastenders impersonations to impress his date

  • Tom

    26 year old Tom from Bridgend has plenty of female admirers. But despite women falling for Tom, the rugby player is terrified of dating.

  • Tammy

    Tammy never had any trouble attracting men but a year and a half ago she contracted Meningococcal Septicaemia

  • James W

    23 year old History and Politics student James from Berkshire has been on several first dates but they never develop into relationships

  • Alec

    Twenty seven year old raver Alec from Nottinghamshire is a huge fan of hardcore music, dancing and dayglow rave paint

  • Ali

    Twenty-two-year-old Essex boy Ali is a regular on the club scene

  • Tim

    With over 350 jumpers and 150 T-shirts, thirty five year old fashion lover Tim dresses to impress the ladies

  • Daniella

    27 year-old Daniella seems to have it all - a close family, successful job and her own flat. There's just one thing missing, a boyfriend

  • Matthew (S4)

    32 year old Matthew is a professional artist model from North London

  • Alex

    Twenty-one-year old Alex is a full time student from Kent and has one big passion in life – fast cars

  • Mary

    Glamorous, gold medal winning mother of one Mary has never 'tasted' true love...

  • Daniel

    Singer-songwriter Daniel is a true gentle giant who longs for a girlfriend

  • Hayley

    Nursery nurse Hayley believes there is someone out there for everyone

  • Ruth

    Jazz singing bisexual Ruth's vocal tics make dating difficult so, who will take her on?

  • John

    John may have trouble understanding relationships but he feel sure a girlfriend will complete him

  • Zoe

    Romantic Zoe' has been engaged twice. She's hoping to make it third time lucky...

  • Shaine

    Romantic poet Shaine, 33, harbours dreams of finding true love

  • Sam

    Two years ago 28 year old Sam who has Down Syndrome went on his first ever date

  • Richard (Series 1)

    Since we last met 39 year old Richard, he's taken up modeling...

  • Penny

    Trainee teacher Penny spends much of her free time up in the air as a trapeze artist

  • Luke

    Luke is a stand-up comedian with an active social life but hasn't had a serious relationship for three years

  • Justin

    Self-confessed flirt Justin, 41, struggles to turn interest into dates

  • Haydn

    Hadyn is a skater and avid Chelsea supporter, who believes that 'Love is basically life'

  • Carolyne

    Carolyne is sick of kissing frogs and is ready to meet her prince

  • Kali

    Cheerful Kali believes that love feels amazing and means 'being caring and kind'

  • Oliver

    25 year old Oliver is a talented artist, and has wanted a girlfriend for as long as he can remember

  • Heather

    38-year-old Heather has severe OCD. Her condition means she is terrified of any physical contact...

  • Steve

    33 year old shop worker Steve from Sunderland is an eternal romantic

  • Kate

    Kate is an amateur poet and incurable romantic

  • Damian

    25 year old Damian from Middlesex, has difficulty leaving the house in broad daylight...

  • Gareth

    Like any self-respecting Essex boy has a different bottle of aftershave for every day of the month

  • Matthew

    20 year-old Matthew has his heart set on getting a proper girlfriend

  • Michael

    It's the next stage of 27 year old Michael's dating evolution

  • Samantha

    Extreme sports enthusiast Samantha

  • Sarah

    Sarah from Hertfordshire was a well-adjusted 18-year-old until she suffered a stroke

  • Ray

    52 year old has Ray from North London has always believed he'll find 'the One.'

  • Brent

    Two years ago Brent went on a date with 27 year old Challis. A year ago Brent got down on one knee and popped the big question.