26 year old Tom from Bridgend has plenty of female admirers. He’s a tall, handsome rugby player with ambitions of playing professionally, works out in the gym most days and has a heart-warming smile. But despite women falling for Tom, the rugby player is terrified of dating.

Tom has Tourette's and Asperger's which makes him anxious in social situations, especially around women. He flirts with girls he sees in the gym but as soon as conversation moves to his feelings and emotions, he struggles to make eye contact and becomes nervous and unable to concentrate on the conversation. He also tries his hardest to hide his Tourette's and Asperger's.

Tom's younger brother Matthew, who plays rugby professionally and has a long-term girlfriend, would love to see his older brother achieve his dreams. Their Mum just wants to see both sons happy and hopes Tom meets a girl that will understand his insecurities. But will 22 year old Megan turn out to be the one?