With over 350 jumpers and 150 T-shirts, thirty-five-year-old fashion lover Tim dresses to impress the ladies "pink, make the ladies wink".

It's not just girls who dream about their wedding day - Tim, from Bristol, has been planning his wedding for years "I want a horse and cart or classic car... to get married in a nice castle... sparkly, like a Jordan wedding". He regularly visits bridal wear shops to pick out the kind of gown he'd like his future bride to wear.

Tim has a mild learning disability and believes it has hampered his search for love "they laugh in your face and laugh at you being stupid... is he a pillock, is he an idiot?"

Tim longs to meet a girl to spend the rest of his life with, get married and have children. A true romantic, he has a clear idea of what love will feel like when he does find it "love’s like a fountain, like the Eiffel tower shooting up jets of water with red petals coming out of it". When he meets Laura, 27, who also has a learning disability, will he reveal that he's already planned every detail of his wedding day?