Profile: Michael


It's the next phase of 27 year old Michael's attempts at dating.

Despite last year's promising start with Helen a relationship didn't materialise, and now a year later, Michael is still looking to find 'The One'. We catch up with him just as he's become an item with 27 year old Jennifer. He's known her for several years though they've never dated before. With a friendship to build on, he's hoping this time she might be for keeps. But Michael's autism makes it hard for him to understand the rules of dating and while he's proud that his relationship status is no longer 'single'... he now has to keep it that way.

Michael has a habit of rushing things, 'it was like I went at them with a claw hammer... I don't have a claw hammer'. As we follow Michael's first steps into his new relationship – will he manage to go at Jennifer's pace?

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