32 year old life model Matthew is used to getting appreciative comments from women when he disrobes. But when it comes to forming relationships, a severe stammer that he’s had since childhood often gets in the way.

Matthew is in great shape and has a very particular dimension that he is seeking in any woman he dates: that they should be sixteen inches from shoulder to shoulder. Last year, he met his perfect fit in the form of 36 year old business coach Jessica. After a first date they started seeing each other regularly.

A year later the couple are still together and as love has blossomed so has Matthew’s confidence. He believes this new found confidence has helped improve his stammer.

Now – on the anniversary of their first date – Matthew wants to take their relationship to the next level. Starting with a romantic rendezvous on London's South Bank, Matthew intends to get down on one knee to propose. But as his nerves get the better of him, his stammer is returning. Will Matthew be able to get the words out clearly and will Jessica say yes?