<p>19 year old graphic designer Lucas from Leicester is a daredevil when it comes to adventure sports. Whether it’s motor racing, surfing or scuba diving, he loves the thrill of taking risks. His problem is, when it comes to meeting girls, he’s not such a daredevil. He’s the exact opposite – he shies away from them, or, if he does talk to a girl, he gets tongue tied and his hands begin to shake. Due to his nerves Lucas has never asked a girl out and has never been on a date. </p>

<p>Lucas has facial dysplasia which affects the symmetry and the structure of his face. He feels that his looks are the reason why he gets nervous around girls and why he doesn't have a girlfriend. 'People double taking is common. I know for a fact my appearance is a factor to not having a girlfriend'.</p>

<p>Mum Dawn has watched him grow up being called names like 'Elephant Man'. 'As a Mum, I wish I could waft it away. I wish I could do something about it and it breaks my heart that he has to deal with that'. However, he and his family don’t want his condition to hold him back anymore. 'I think now it’s about time that I want to get a girlfriend'.</p>

<p>As much as he wants a date, how will he feel confronted with 17 year old Alex in person? Will he even be able to get his words out to impress her?</p>