23 year old history and politics student James from Berkshire has been on several first dates but they never develop into relationships. Dating, he says 'is like wading across a moat full of ravenous piranhas to try and get to the love castle on the other side.'

He is supported by a loving, successful family and excels academically but is missing romance in his life. His Mum Patsy 'wants him to find someone who just appreciates him for who he is who lets him care for them in the way that he wants to and hopefully cares for him as well.'

Despite a history of rarely getting past the first date stage, James is determined to find love. 'I don’t think there is even a word in the English language to describe how much I want a girlfriend.' He is willing to do whatever it takes to find love. But will 24 year old Chloe be charmed or put off by his quirky wit? And will he succeed in moving a first date onto a romantic relationship?