Privately educated and from a privileged Oxfordshire background, 27 year-old Daniella seems to have it all - a close family, successful job and her own flat. There's just one thing missing, a boyfriend. She'd love to find a man to tell her he loves her; but scared of rejection, she's never even been on a date.

Daniella is confident in most areas of her life except her appearance. She has Apert syndrome a rare genetic condition which means she was born with the bones in her hands, feet and skull fused together. She feels the way she looks may be the reason she's never had a boyfriend "if my face was rounder, if my fingers were different, I'd stand a chance of getting a boyfriend. They don't look attractive... who would want to touch them?". As a result she's spent her life avoiding the dating game and trying to persuade herself that she is fine without a relationship.

Daniella's four brothers and sisters are all dating, and Daniella would love to have the kind of relationship they have. She longs to meet someone who will be proud to hold her hand in public "I want a boyfriend who can walk down the street with me and so can go yeah, my man thinks I'm beautiful".

Matched with 31 year old IT consultant Guy, will her first ever date turn out to be her first ever boyfriend or will their date at an indoor ski park prove to be a dry run?