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Profile: Daniel


27 year old extrovert songwriter Daniel has always dreamt of forming a lifelong relationship with a girl he can shower with affection. He’s seen the joy his parents' 32 year long marriage has brought them and wants the same for himself. However living in Brighton with autism, Daniel often struggles to communicate what he feels and that’s made dating difficult for him.

Last year, after several short-lived relationships, Daniel met a girl called Charley. Things started well but they lived two hours apart and that made seeing each other too difficult. Daniel was heartbroken when the relationship ended. Since then his Mum Carole has set up a dating agency for people with learning disabilities in their local area and is hoping that will help her find the girl of his dreams.

At a speed dating event organised by his mum, Daniel meets 22 year old Amber who lives near to him and they start dating. Will she finally turn out to be The One – or will Daniel face heartache all over again?

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People living with challenging conditions are often considered 'undateable' - this series meets a few and follows their attempts to find love

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