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Profile: Daniel


25 year old singer-songwriter Daniel seeks inspiration for his songs from the world of love and many of his lyrics are about wanting a girlfriend. Daniel has autism which, for him, makes communication extremely difficult. He knows what he wants to say but the words come out in the wrong order "its as though someone's inside his head and they have a long strip of paper with all the sentences on and they're cutting each word up and they're throwing it out in the wrong order".

At 6 foot 4 Daniel is a romantic gentle giant, when he's had a relationship in the past he treated the lady in his life to Valentine's cards and cuddly toys. But he's been single for two years now and longs to find a girlfriend again. Daniel is very close to his parents Barry and Carol who would love him to meet someone and hope, one day, he might get married. But in order to make it past a first date Daniel will have to try and string his words together in the right order. After careful practice and preparation with his mum, Daniel goes on a date with 28 year old Hollie, armed with a list of questions. Will he manage to hold a conversation and win Hollie over?

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People living with challenging conditions are often considered 'undateable' - this series meets a few and follows their attempts to find love

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