20 year old Bethany from Leicestershire can regularly be found in her bedroom singing her heart out to her favourite love songs. But when it comes to romance she's never had a boyfriend.

Bethany, who has Downs Syndrome, meets plenty of boys at her local theatre group but she doesn’t imagine any of them would ever fancy her. Many of her friends are starting to pair up and experience romance, and Bethany desperately wants to be like them. 'When I see my friends with their boyfriends' she says 'I think yeah, I want that…I feel left out because I don't have one'.

Bethany's Mum Bekki is nervous about her daughter growing up and going on dates, but she knows it's what Bethany wants and thinks she deserves a chance at love as much as any other 20 year old.

21 year old Bradley is excited to meet Bethany’s but will the date result in Bethany’s first ever taste of real romance?