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The Undateables

Stand-up comedian Luke has Tourette's. He's reluctant to approach a girl in case he calls her a slag - or worse. How will he cope when he meets Lucy, who's never known anyone with Tourette's before?

First shown: 3 Apr 2012 Strong language from the start and throughout and adult content This programme is subtitled This programme is audio described

Tom beds a celeb!

Our very own Tom Morgan impresses Jamie with his tackle and talks dating and rugby on In Bed with Jamie

Get the moves

Familiar faces from The Undateables give their guide to dating

Take Part

Do you have a physical, sensory or other impairment, or a long term condition and want to meet the person of your dreams? Get involved in the new series.

  • Daniel

    Singer-songwriter Daniel is a true gentle giant who longs for a girlfriend

  • Steve

    33 year old is an eternal romantic

  • Matthew (S4)

    32 year old Matthew is a professional artist model from North London

  • Tammy

    Tammy from Colchester has never had any trouble attracting men but a year and a half ago she contracted Meningococcal Septicaemia, which has left her confidence knocked